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Best Laser Treatments for Dark Skin Tones

Best Laser Treatments for Dark Skin Tones

Laser treatments use radiation wavelengths to manage some conditions. It is one of the most effective ways of treating spots, acne, and other skin conditions that affect our skin. Earlier on, the laser treatment method was exclusively used to treat light skins as it had severe effects when used to treat dark skins. With the advancement in technology, skins with dark tones can now be treated using laser methods. Here are some of the lasers used to treat dark skin tones.

The Vbeam Laser
Every human being has a vasculature that, at times, can dilate and create some redness on the skin. The condition is known as rosacea, and even black patient’s b can have this condition. Vbeam laser is the most effective tool that, for a long time, has been used to manage rosacea as well as spider veins. The laser can now be used on dark skin tones, and to minimize its effects on the patient’s skin, the doctor should understand how to dial down the temperature and speed. The laser is also used for blacks during a Santa Monica facial cosmetic surgery.

The Pico Laser
This laser is the best option for sun spot removal Santa Monica as well as birthmarks and scars. Earlier on, it was recommended for black skins because as it used to cause scarring on the surfaces. This is because the laser was producing faster and exponential pulses, and it was generating less heat. Some technological advancement has made it possible to treat dark skins with minimal risks of damaging the pigment. Dark spot removal Santa Monica involves the usage of the Pico Laser and so as laser scar reduction Santa Monica.

Palomar 1540-nanometer fractional laser
This type of laser can create light columns that can penetrate a millimeter deep in the skin. It is, therefore, the most suitable laser for treating stretch marks. The laser helps in diffusing the stretch marks making the body surface look sooth. Laser skin resurfacing Santa Monica uses the Palomar laser to treat stretch marks present on dark complexions. When using the laser on dark skins, dermatologists reduce the speeds and temperatures to avoid injuring the skin.

Cutera Excel HR 1064
Laser hair removal Santa Monica is a process that involves the use of Cutera Excell laser and other lasers such as sciton Joule and 1064-nanometer, especially on dark skins. The mentioned lasers are the safest to use as they do not tamper with the melanin of the client.

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