1803, 2020

How to Choose a Facial Filler

Also known as dermal fillers, facial fillers are a new craze in the cosmetic surgery market. They can be injected into the sink in less than an hour and don't require any downtime after the procedure is complete. This procedure works effectively to rejuvenate the facial skin. If you [...]

2702, 2020

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Our eyes are one of the first things people notice about us. As we age, the lower eyelids can begin to make us look tired and older than we are. We may see fatty deposits, wrinkles, and excess skin under our eyes that we want to get rid of. [...]

1902, 2020

Cleft Nasal Deformity and Rhinoplasty

Nose with Issues? A New Life Awaits Nose bumps and issues with breathing? It's important to invest in your future, a future with no more problems that get in the way of your busy life. Rhinoplasty surgery Santa Monica truly delivers with a professionalism that will not disappoint you. [...]

1802, 2020

Facelift Procedure Steps

We offer face lifts in Santa Monica are one of the easiest cosmetic surgeries that you can get. However, you still may be nervous about the procedure. So, to put your mind at ease, here is a small breakdown of what you will experience on the day of your [...]

702, 2020

Can You Fix a Broken Nose After It’s Healed?

A sudden blow or impact is usually what causes a person’s nose to break. As soon as the cartilage of the nose is damaged, this means the nose is broken. Falling, walking into a wall, vehicle accidents, and getting hit or punched in the nose are all possible causes [...]

3101, 2020

Deviated Septum

Occasionally, breathing problems could be precipitated by nasal deformities. Once such an issue is known as a deviated septum. Westside Face, a facial plastic surgery center which performs Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction surgery invites residents of Southern California to read the following blog about this medical condition. Deviated [...]