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1011, 2021

A Guide to Collagen

Collagen supplements have quickly become one way that people are slowing down their skin’s aging process. Our skin is made of collagen, but the body’s production of this material stops as early as age 25. It’s safe to say the aging process begins at 25 because less and less [...]

311, 2021

Jamie Lee Curtis: Plastic Surgery Trends Are Wiping Out a Generation of Beauty

The world is progressing towards less shame towards plastic surgery, and this positivity has led more celebrities to be open about procedures they’ve had done. However, the “Instagram” face has taken over the social media platform. What is the Instagram face? It’s the plump-lipped, fox-eyed, baby-faced trend that many [...]

2610, 2021

Signs of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the abnormal and harmful growth of irregular skin cells. The chief cause of this common kind of cancer is overexposure to the sun, but it can also occur on areas of your body that don’t get much sunlight. Due to this common misconception about skin cancer, [...]

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