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2511, 2020

More Americans Want Plastic Surgery – Even During the Pandemic

As plastic surgery advances and more Americans are seeing photos of themselves and their peers online, the demand for Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery has increased, even during the pandemic.  Breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, and facelifts were the most popular procedures of 2019, according to American [...]

1311, 2020

Woman Has Eye Lift After Feeling Embarrassed by Her ‘Tired’ Appearance During Lockdown Zoom Calls

As millions of Americans continue to work from home through the coronavirus pandemic, many employees are looking for ways to improve their appearance for their daily Zoom calls with coworkers. Some are choosing Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery to restore a youthful look to their faces. Helen Fearon, a [...]

2910, 2020

Shirley Ballas Admits She’s Considering a ‘Mini Facelift’ After Turning 60 and Noticing Some Skin Starting To ‘Sag

Most people would agree that the best kind of cosmetic work is that in which the face and neck look naturally youthful and refreshed. You want people to notice how amazing you appear and be unable to figure out if you've undergone any treatments or surgery. Los Angeles facial [...]

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