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Katie Price Displays the Results of Her Eye and Brow Lift On IG

Katie Price Displays the Results of Her Eye and Brow Lift On IGEnglish model and businesswoman Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis “Katie” Price earned her success in life in part because of her beautiful facial features. A well-known supporter of facial cosmetic surgery, Price shocked many of her fans and loved ones last year when she revealed “fox eye” and other total-body reconstruction results that, in her own words, left her with scars and wanting the “old Katie back.”

Desire to Fix Prior Surgeries or Addiction?

Not for the first or last time, many people have wondered if Price has body dysmorphia disorder or plastic surgery addiction. Especially this year when it was revealed that she turned to cosmetic surgery in December while in Belgium for a liposuction and other alterations.

She then returned to the same surgeon a month later for a brow lift and chin. Although it’s possible that she attempted to have past scarring and other issues fixed, her continued search for perfection through surgery over the years seems to suggest a serious underlying condition.

Makeup and Instagram Point to Bad Results

Earlier this month, Price arrived at the National Diversity Awards in Liverpool with a full head bandage and heavily caked on makeup. She claimed to have removed chin bandages on her own prior to the event without approval by a qualified physician. On February 7, she then took to Instagram with her sister to show off the results. The photo may have been altered using an Instagram filtering tool.

Why It’s Important to Find a Trusted Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Without a doubt, Katie Price is a beautiful woman. Yet, repeat surgeries have left her with subpar results and an overall diminished appearance. A board-certified facial plastic surgeon who cares about their patient would never recommend this many surgeries, at least 14 procedures over the years, or a less-than-careful approach to post-surgery recovery.

Less is more in plastic surgery, which means that you can achieve fantastic results without making repeated extensive alterations. With a caring, knowledgeable, and skilled surgeon, you can look your best at any age without the need to wear heavy makeup or use app filters to hide that you had surgery.

If you’ve thought about plastic surgery, please don’t allow examples like this one turn you away from using proven surgery-based beauty enhancement methods. Call today to learn more or to schedule an initial evaluation appointment.

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