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Will Septoplasty Help Your Nose Function Better?


If you don’t know what a deviated septum is, it’s when the piece of cartilage separating your nostrils is off-center, blocking one of your airways. Many people with a deviated septum are confined to breathing out their mouth, which can make exercising and sleeping difficult. Those who have trouble breathing through their nose often choose [...]

Will Septoplasty Help Your Nose Function Better?2021-07-21T09:49:56+00:00

How to Get Dramatic Results With a Mini Facelift


Many people are seeking to pump up their appearance so that they appear younger. The body’s natural aging process causes the skin to lose its elasticity and sag. To be frank, this part of the aging is going to cost several thousand dollars to reverse. The good news is that you don’t have to undergo [...]

How to Get Dramatic Results With a Mini Facelift2021-07-14T08:51:16+00:00

Celebrities Who Have Acne


You may have thought that your teenage skin issues would go away once you reached adulthood, but adult acne is very common. Acne is such a common skin issue that even celebrities who can invest thousands of dollars into their appearance deal with it! Acne can be difficult and expensive to treat, and many choose [...]

Celebrities Who Have Acne2021-07-08T07:00:49+00:00

DIY Cosmetic Injections Prompts Criticism From Plastic Surgeons


Dermal fillers in Los Angeles are in high demand, and our plastic surgeons are bombarded with calls each month asking for an appointment to treat wrinkles and sagging skin. Fillers are made from biodegradable and safe materials like hyaluronic acid which are then injected into the skin on your face to “fill out” the area. [...]

DIY Cosmetic Injections Prompts Criticism From Plastic Surgeons2021-07-01T11:07:46+00:00

Keeping the Natural Shape of Your Nose When Getting a Nose Job


If you are unhappy with your nose, you can undergo rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular kinds of plastic surgery since the nose’s central location on the face can greatly affect one’s appearance. Those with large noses are the most likely to want to change them. During the rhinoplasty procedure, [...]

Keeping the Natural Shape of Your Nose When Getting a Nose Job2021-06-28T07:00:51+00:00

Celebrities Who Changed Their Hooded Eyes


If you’re a woman with hooded eyes, the top, fatty portion of your eyelid hangs down much closer to your eyelashes than the average person. This kind of eyelid can make you look tired, depressed, older, and it makes it harder to wear eye makeup. You’ve likely already seen Youtube tutorials about how to do [...]

Celebrities Who Changed Their Hooded Eyes2021-06-16T08:05:29+00:00

Do Dermal Fillers Boost Collagen?


What is collagen? You may have heard this word thrown around a lot by the skincare community in recent years. Collagen is the material that your body naturally produces to keep your skin bouncy and supple, but your body starts to reduce the production of collagen in your body. Many are upset to realize that [...]

Do Dermal Fillers Boost Collagen?2021-06-28T07:08:20+00:00

History of Plastic Surgery


Historians discovered that surgery has been performed since almost the beginning of time, as Neanderthal skulls have shown signs of primitive surgery. However, many people don’t know how long plastic surgery has been practiced. One of the key developments in the invention of cosmetic surgery is anesthesia and sterile techniques. Once these two components to [...]

History of Plastic Surgery2021-06-05T09:38:42+00:00

5 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles


Dark undereye circles are something that everyone experiences once in a while, and this condition can become chronic as you age. Despite how much sleep you get, you may still look in the mirror to see those purplish circles under your eyes. These circles can make you look tired and older, and it’s normal to [...]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles2021-06-03T10:08:30+00:00

Most Desired Celebrity Noses


It’s always a good idea to bring in aspirational photos of other noses to your nose job consultation. A nose job specialist in Los Angeles will examine these photos and tell you how realistic it is to get your nose to look the same way. Nose jobs require a lot of preciseness and artistry, so your [...]

Most Desired Celebrity Noses2021-06-02T10:33:27+00:00
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