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Is the Ponytail Lift the New Facelift?

Is the Ponytail Lift the New Facelift?Remember when everyone was pulling their hair back into high, tight ‘Bella Hadid-style’ ponytails, to create a more sculpted look?

Well, this lifted, tightening effect has now been translated into a cosmetic surgery called the “ponytail lift.”

It’s no surprise that this procedure is rapidly gaining popularity, (partially because of its catchy name) thanks to the minimal downtime and visible result it offers.

The ponytail lift is a colloquial term that delivers similar results to a regular facelift and is a minimally invasive technique that avoids the typical incisions around the ears and hides incisions in the hairline; this allows patients to wear their hair up ‘ponytail style’ without obvious scars.

Not only is the ability to hide scars and sutures an attractive proposition, but the taut, lifted results really are really causing those considering the surgery sold.

What is a ponytail lift?

Ponytail lift is an informal term used to refer to a minimally invasive procedure that surgically tightens a patient’s face for a lifted effect by pulling the brows, forehead, and cheeks upward.

There are a couple reasons the procedure is referred to as a ponytail lift:

  1. It can deliver the same results as a really high, tight ponytail by lifting skin on the face
  2. Patients can leave the procedure and hide the appearance of the incisions because of their placement along the hairline rather than behind the ears.

Unlike traditional facelifts, which are typically designed to remove skin using multiple incisions around the ears, the ponytail lift only requires small incisions along the hairline to tighten the tissue along the face.

The term has become popular for advertising purposes, and does not have any official standing within the plastic surgery community.

Because no skin is removed during the process, people who might opt for a ponytail lift rather than a regular facelift are those who want to make small improvements, rather than an entire procedure.

The best candidates are those with minimal signs of aging and little to no excess skin along the jawline and upper neck. Ideal candidates for the procedure are those from their 30s to 50s, and are without significant facial sagging or excess skin laxity.

In order to hide the scars, a candidate should have a pretty decent head of hair so they can pull it back to hide where the incision scars are. Those with thin hair may want to consider a traditional facelift whereas scars or sutures are hidden around the ears.

What does a ponytail lift procedure entail?

Since the ponytail lift isn’t a textbook procedure officially defined by plastic surgeons, there isn’t technically a standard way to execute it. Other forms of facelifts involve much larger incisions and are designed to remove more skin.

How it’s done depends on both the surgeon and the patient’s needs, seeing as the ‘ponytail lift’ is more of a marketing term rather than a surgical approach and means different things to different surgeons.

Placing those incisions in strategic points in the scalp can help make the vector pull high and back just like one may experience with a really tight ponytail.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and can take anywhere between one to four hours depending on if the patient is getting additional treatments done.

What is downtime like?

After the procedure, you might see some bruising or swelling for two weeks; Patients should plan on some downtime after the procedure for a couple weeks, as with most invasive surgeries.

Because of the incision placement, patients have to be gentle with the hair and scalp around the area until the sutures have completely healed.

What are the possible side effects of a ponytail lift?

With any surgical procedure there are risks of scarring, bleeding, or damage to the nerves in the face.

The most common possible side effect for this particular procedure is hair loss; The only potential ‘complication’ is that a ponytail lift may not fully correct a saggy jawline or neck.

How much does a ponytail lift cost?

Just like any other plastic surgery, the cost of a ponytail lift runs anywhere between $35,000 to $70,000 and varies depending on location, as well as the amount of training and experience needed to execute it; although, you can expect to pay at least $20,000.

The most important thing to consider when considering facelift surgery is not only the credentials, experience, and outcomes of the surgeon, but also your needs, desires and thoughts on incisions, recovery times, and results.

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, it’s important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon who will give you the results you’re seeking.

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