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Does Your Voice Change After Septoplasty?


Septoplasty can have side effects on your body. One of the most hypothesized effects is a change in voice. Septoplasty basics To start things off, you're probably considering Los Angeles facial plastic surgery. A Los Angeles septorhinoplasty procedure is designed to straighten your bones and make you look your best. Septorhinoplasty Los Angeles is always [...]

Does Your Voice Change After Septoplasty?2020-07-10T07:17:13+00:00

Scar Removal: Are Lasers Your Best Alternative?


How to remove scars, especially facial scars, is a concern for many people in the Los Angeles area where people want to look their best. One option is laser scar reduction Los Angeles. This treatment is part of a dermatologist’s repertoire like laser skin resurfacing Los Angeles and laser wrinkle reduction Los Angeles. Scar revision [...]

Scar Removal: Are Lasers Your Best Alternative?2020-06-26T05:10:54+00:00

Do Fillers Work on Deep Wrinkles?


Patients who come to our Los Angeles facial plastic surgery center often ask if dermal fillers can work on deep wrinkles. The answer, happily, is that they can. Unlike Los Angeles botox injections, fillers add volume to an area, including an area that has deep wrinkles. More good news is that Los Angeles botox injections [...]

Do Fillers Work on Deep Wrinkles?2020-06-19T08:29:20+00:00

The Basics Of MOHs Reconstructive Surgery and Skin Cancer


Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is a popular topic. People always expect that this is a purely elective specialty. What many don't understand is that Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery can be restorative. Skin cancer surgeries, while important, can leave unsightly marks on the skin. An example of how this happens is through Mohs micrographic [...]

The Basics Of MOHs Reconstructive Surgery and Skin Cancer2020-06-12T07:01:56+00:00

Can a Brow Lift Fix Hooded Eyes?


"I have become my mother" or "I see my father's face in the mirror" are comments surgeons hear from patients considering Los Angeles facial plastic surgery. A common complaint is hooded eyes caused by droopy brows, whether age-related or innate. It can be severe enough to make seeing difficult, requiring hooded eyelid surgery Los Angeles.  [...]

Can a Brow Lift Fix Hooded Eyes?2020-06-05T11:57:39+00:00

What to do After Neck Lipo?


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 17.5 million surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2017. While that's a staggeringly large statistic, is it any surprise? Any wealthy American would jump at the chance to morph their appearance into a "more attractive" state. Other than breast augmentation, the most [...]

What to do After Neck Lipo?2020-06-03T09:29:33+00:00

Under-Eye Fat Transfer


Under-eye fat transfer is a massive breakthrough in the field of under-eye treatment considering many people have problems in this area. The aging process and genetic factors create under-eye issues that cannot be treated through skincare. In this case, under-eye fat fillers for the face in Los Angeles are the best bet to get rid [...]

Under-Eye Fat Transfer2021-03-28T16:31:51+00:00

How long does chin augmentation last?


  In short, chin augmentation should last a lifetime. You’ll face varying factors regarding aging and recovery, but the results are made to last. The chin implants are small devices that mold to your face shape and leave you with natural results. It will feel like your own jaw bone and, when done properly, undetectable. [...]

How long does chin augmentation last?2020-05-07T15:10:31+00:00
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