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Is Your Nose Broken in a Nose Job?

Is Your Nose Broken in a Nose Job?

Some people who have decided to undergo rhinoplasty surgery Los Angeles wonder if the surgery requires their nose to be actually broken. For most types of nose jobs Los Angeles, the answer is “No.” If there’s a bump in the nose that the patient wants to get rid of, the surgeon can smooth it down during the operation.

Now and then the surgeon does need to break the nasal bones if they can’t smooth down an unsightly bump. If they don’t, the patient’s nose ends up looking wider than it was before, and they may have what’s called an open-roof deformity. This defect is caused when bone and cartilage in the nose are removed instead of rearranged. If the nasal bone is broken, it can be put together to create a narrow and more aesthetically pleasing bridge. This type of broken nose surgery is called an osteotomy.

Thousands of nose jobs Los Angeles are done every year, which makes rhinoplasty the most common Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery. The operation goes beyond improving the patient’s looks, for rhinoplasty Los Angeles can help them breathe better. A surprising number of patients who opt for the surgery have something a bit wrong with their septum or their turbinates, structures in the nose that help with breathing. Because of this, many nose job specialists Los Angeles not only corrects the look of the nose but improves its functioning at the same time. Another thing to know is that though cosmetic Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty is usually not covered by insurance, functional rhinoplasty is.

About the Surgery
Rhinoplasty Los Angeles is done under general anesthesia, which means the patient is completely asleep and does not feel any pain. Though they’ll need to be observed for a while in a recovery area after the surgery, rhinoplasty is also an outpatient procedure. This means that the patient doesn’t have to spend a night in the hospital or clinic.

The nose job specialist Los Angeles makes an incision in the space between the nostrils, and when the incision heals it is hard to see. They’ll then make incisions inside of the nose, and the scars from these incisions are never seen. The incisions allow the surgeon to access the bone and cartilage, and reshape the nose.

After the Surgery
Though the patient goes home soon after their rhinoplasty, they’ll need to recover at home for at least a week. They should have someone drive them home and prepared their home in advance for their recuperation. During their recovery they should sleep with their head elevated, ease the swelling and discomfort with ice packs,and perform careful nasal cleansing. Because there are splints in their nose, they’ll need to breathe through their mouth for a while.

A week after their rhinoplasty surgery Los Angeles, the patient comes to the doctor’s office, and the splints are removed. Though the patient can return to their regular activities after about two weeks, it may take several months until they see the final shape of their nose.

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