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The Basics Of MOHs Reconstructive Surgery and Skin Cancer

The Basics Of MOHs Reconstructive Surgery and Skin Cancer

Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is a popular topic. People always expect that this is a purely elective specialty. What many don’t understand is that Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery can be restorative. Skin cancer surgeries, while important, can leave unsightly marks on the skin. An example of how this happens is through Mohs micrographic surgery.

Also known as simply MOHs surgery, this procedure is used as a treatment for skin cancers like basal cell carcinomas and even some melanomas. Originally developed in the 1930s, it’s evolved greatly over the years. Today it’s known as one of the best skin cancer treatment strategies in the world. That’s because Mohs surgery makes it possible to take out as much of the cancer as possible.

Mohs surgery is unusual because doctors will analyze the tissue that’s been removed during the procedure. If cancer is found in the sample, the surgeon will continue to take additional layers out until it’s gone. During the analysis portion of the process, the open wound is temporarily covered. Mohs surgery is often done on an outpatient basis.

For some Mohs surgeries, no reconstructive surgery is needed. But when Mohs surgery is performed on highly visible areas like the nose, patients often want to pursue reconstructive surgery as an option. One common option for Mohs reconstructive surgery in that area is flap surgery. This is a great technique to use because the flap of skin used to cover the wound is typically still attached at one place. That means there’s less scarring and the healed area looks more natural. This technique is often used for facial reconstruction surgery Los Angeles.

Other techniques for facial reconstruction surgery Los Angeles include things like bone and skin grafts. In some cases, tissue expanders are also sometimes used. However, these are less common procedures than flap type surgery. A good Mohs plastic surgeon Los Angeles will be able to explain which type of procedure is best for an individual patient.

Westside Face is a great option for anyone seeking a Mohs plastic surgeon Los Angeles. It’s well-known that this city is a heaven for experienced cosmetic surgeons. What’s less common knowledge is that many of them are great at this form of repair type work. The team at this practice is highly experienced when it comes to skin cancer reconstructive surgery Los Angeles.

When choosing where to have skin cancer reconstructive surgery Los Angeles, it’s important to look at the facts. Westside Face has a great reputation for excellence. The surgeons who work here are at the top of their game. They even train medical students at UCLA. They publish in journals internationally. Most importantly, they have thousands of very happy patients who will vouch for the work they do.

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