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Do Fillers Work on Deep Wrinkles?

Do Fillers Work on Deep Wrinkles?

Patients who come to our Los Angeles facial plastic surgery center often ask if dermal fillers can work on deep wrinkles. The answer, happily, is that they can. Unlike Los Angeles botox injections, fillers add volume to an area, including an area that has deep wrinkles. More good news is that Los Angeles botox injections are regularly used along with dermal fillers for the best effect.

Not all dermal fillers Los Angeles are the same when it comes to correcting the look of deep wrinkles. This is because facial fillers Los Angeles are made of different materials, and each one works best on different problems. A thin concentration of hyaluronic acid is good for fine lines, but deep wrinkles require thicker concentrations of dermal fillers Los Angeles. One of these fillers might be calcium hydroxylapatite. Cheek fillers for face lift Los Angeles include poly-L-lactic acid. This filler is different from other facial fillers Los Angeles because it actually stimulates the patient’s body to create more of its own collagen in the area where it’s injected.

Another type of dermal filler used at Los Angeles facial plastic surgery centers is the patient’s own fat. This fat is taken from the patient when they come in for liposuction, the popular, minimally invasive treatment that uses a vacuum cannula to remove unwanted fat from parts of the patient’s body such as the thighs, abdomen or buttocks. The fat is placed in syringes which are then placed in a centrifuge. This separates the fat out from other material that was pulled out from the liposuction. The cleansed fat is placed in other syringes and prepared to be injected into the patient. This way, it can remedy deep wrinkles and even serve as cheek fillers for face lift Los Angeles. As with other types of dermal fillers, the patient is free to return for more treatments.

Dermal injections are outpatient procedures, and the patient can leave the aesthetician’s office soon after a treatment. After a consultation, the patient sits in a treatment chair. The aesthetician or their assistant cleans the patient’s face and may administer a numbing agent to the skin. Then, the esthetician injects the filler into the area the patient wants corrected with a fine needle. They usually use more than one syringe for an area. If the wrinkle is deep, they may use several.

After wrinkle injections Los Angeles the patient rests for a while before they leave. They may be allowed to soothe the treatment areas with an ice pack. When they go home they’ll notice that there’s some redness and swelling where they had the wrinkle injections Los Angeles. Patients who’ve had a fat transfer may believe that the aesthetician added much too much fat to the area, but the amount of fat injected was calibrated very carefully. The aesthetician knows that the patient’s body will process some of the fat over time and that there is a normal amount of post-treatment swelling that also goes away over time.

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