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Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Occasionally, breathing problems could be precipitated by nasal deformities. Once such an issue is known as a deviated septum. Westside Face, a facial plastic surgery center which performs Santa Monica nasal airway obstruction surgery invites residents of Southern California to read the following blog about this medical condition.

Deviated Septum Overview
The nasal septum is a thin partition that separates two sides of nasal passages. Occasionally, this barrier shifts to one side or another, known in medical terms as deviation. As said deviation grows more pronounced, a stricken individual’s nasal passages may become blocked.

The condition can either be congenital, meaning the afflicted subject’s septum did not properly form during fetal development or occurred as the result of some type of nasal passageway-damaging ailment or trauma such as a broken nose.

Physical Manifestations
In its earliest stages or in uncomplicated cases, a deviated septum might not elicit any symptoms. However, as the malady worsens, impacted individuals might experience manifestations such as difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, facial discomfort, snoring or noisy sleeping habits. Moreover, maladies like colds or other upper respiratory issues could exacerbate existing symptoms.

Potential Complications
If left untreated, a deviated septum could precipitate untoward issues like insomnia, dry mouth, chronic facial pain and pressure and possibly the complete inability to breathe through one’s nose.

Possible Treatment Options
In mild cases, remediation efforts could include the use of decongestants, which unclog breathing passages, nasal sprays that help promote clear airways and might contain disinfectant substances and nasal-symptom preventing antihistamines.

Nasal Obstruction Surgery Santa Monica
When serious deviations occur or produce more severe symptoms, surgical intervention s performed by Westside Face, might be indicated to yield blocked nasal airway relief. Several procedures might provide alleviation including:

During this procedure, the stricken subject’s septum is straightened to a normal position. In instances where severe damages is present, the surgeon may need to cut away and then reattach or replace injured or diseased tissue.

Also known simply as a nose job, rhinoplasty involves the surgical reshaping or resurfacing of the nose’s skin, bones and cartilage. Said procedure is often performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s nose but can be employed to correct medical issues such as a deviated septum.

Surgical effectiveness will depend upon certain factors such as the condition’s severity and if the recipient has any other potentially complicating problems like the presence of chronic upper respiratory ailments.

Contacting Westside Face
Southern California residents who have been diagnosed with a deviated septum or believe they might be afflicted with said ailment are encouraged to contact us. The proprietor, Dr. Behrad Aynehchi has a wealth of experience performing facial plastic surgery Santa Monica and holds double board certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. For further information, please visit

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