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Keeping the Natural Shape of Your Nose When Getting a Nose Job

Keeping the Natural Shape of Your Nose When Getting a Nose Job

If you are unhappy with your nose, you can undergo rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular kinds of plastic surgery since the nose’s central location on the face can greatly affect one’s appearance.

Those with large noses are the most likely to want to change them. During the rhinoplasty procedure, a Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery specialist will use either the open or closed method depending on what needs to be done. The closed method is one of the specialties here at Westside Face, and we do this surgery through the nostrils, completely eliminating the chance of visible scarring.

Scarring is one of the things our patients are most worried about, and we do everything we can to minimize any marks left from incisions. Another thing rhinoplasty patients are often concerned with is the overall aesthetic result, as they want to look amazing but they also want to still look like themselves.

Many ask us “is it possible to keep my nose the same shape while changing its size?” It’s possible you may like the curved hump in your nose or the natural upturned tip. You don’t want a generic, “perfect” nose at the end of the surgery; you’d just like for your current nose to take up less space and to protrude less.

We are one of the few double-board certified rhinoplasty offices, so we can give you the best result possible, including a nose shaped exactly the way you want. During your initial consultation at Westside Face, we can use digital technology to show you possible reshaping options for your nose. This will give you a clear idea of what you’ll look like once the surgery is done and your nose has healed. Technologically enhancing your profile is a helpful tool for the creation of a mutually agreeable cosmetic surgery plan.

At Westside Face, we offer ethnic nose jobs for those of Middle Eastern, Asian, and African American descent. Each ethnicity has their own unique features, and our doctors are experts at correcting your insecurities while maintaining your cultural heritage. We can adjust your nose to improve your self-esteem while keeping the key features of your ethnicity.

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