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Marc Jacobs Posts a Post-Facelift Selfie

Marc Jacobs Posts a Post-Facelift Selfie

If you feel insecure about your aging face and you can afford surgery to tighten your sagging skin, why not? That’s what fashion designer Marc Jacobs did and encourages others to do.

As he reached the age of 58, Jacobs noticed that his once smooth and bouncy skin had lost its elasticity. Gravity naturally pulls on the skin, and this along with the collagen loss that comes naturally with age is what contributes to saggy and crepey skin.

Jacobs falls into the ideal age range to get facial lift surgery in Los Angeles, which is between 50 and 60 years of age. While this procedure is on the expensive and invasive side, it’s one whose patients see dramatic and long-lasting results. A surgeon doing a facelift procedure essentially tightens your sagging skin by cutting around your forehead or your ears and pulling the skin together, making sure it’s still falling in a natural way. Then, excess skin is cut away and the incision is sewn shut.

Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery has experienced a surge in popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic and the increase in work-from-home jobs. As people are seeing more of themselves in Zoom meetings, they’ve had more time to ruminate over their insecurities. This has caused them to visit plastic surgery offices like Westside Face.

While many feel the need to hide their surgery from the world, using excuses to work from home or to not go out with friends. However, Mark Jacobs showed a post-op selfie to his 1.6 million Instagram followers complete with facial bandages and tubes for draining excess fluid.

Jacobs has also chronicled his recovery experience in multiple posts on the Instagram app, which is helpful for those who may not understand what all cosmetic surgery entails.

As more celebrities open up about how they stay young, the concept of undergoing plastic surgery to reverse the aging process is becoming more normalized. The societal attitude around plastic surgery still has a ways to go, but Jacobs is showing a step in the right direction.

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