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Nasal Fracture Aftercare

Nasal Fracture Aftercare

If you are looking for corrective nose surgery Santa Monica, then you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves in being the best choice in Santa Monica plastic surgery for our clients.

Nasal Fracture: How it’s Corrected
A nasal fracture happens typically due to trauma to the nose. It is considered a nasal fracture when the bone in your nose has been broken.

This is usually a result of high impact injury to the nose. While some broken noses can be fixed with an in-office procedure, others may require more extensive measures like surgery.

If your nose is no longer aligned after the injury, you may be able to get a reduction to set the bones back in place.
How to Tell if Your Nose is Broken
So, you know you have hurt your nose, but how can you know for sure if it is broken?

Here are some symptoms:

  • Extreme pain in the affected area
  • Difficulty breathing through your nasal passages
  • Misalignment of the nose
  • Swelling, bruising or bleeding abnormally
  • Determining Severity

To be sure of just how bad the injury is, the doctor may perform some other tests to look further. They may take CT scans or X-rays to see how minor or major the issue is.

If you are bleeding severely, your doctor can help stop the bleeding by packing the nasal passages with gauze.

If they suspect you are suffering from a nasal septum hematoma, which is an injury to the blood vessels in the nose, your doctor may have to drain the blood. They typically can perform this using a needle or making a tiny incision.

If it is ruled that the injury is complex enough to require surgery, you will be referred to a specialist. Most doctors won’t provide this service until much of the swelling has dissipated. You must wait up to 6 days post-injury for surgery. A rhinoplasty procedure Santa Monica may be needed if this is the case.

Managing Symptoms
Broken noses definitely hurt–that is no secret. Pain management will be a necessary part of the healing process.

To moderate your pain levels and get on the path to a speedy recovery, here are some things to try:

  • Ice the area to reduce swelling and pressure
  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers and nasal decongestants as directed
  • Keep your head elevated as much as possible
  • Avoid activities that could worsen the injury
  • Do not remove any packing or splints, as your doctor will do this when it is time
  • Use hot steam to unclog nasal passages
  • Keep the nasal passages free of dried blood

Be sure to follow up with your doctor within 1-2 weeks after your initial visit.

In the meantime, contact them if you notice any unusual symptoms such as fevers, headaches, unusual drainage, nausea or overall worsening of issues.

Otherwise, try to rest easy and recover! Santa Monica broken nose repair will help your healing in no time.

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