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Neck-Sculpting Treatments That Most Patients Don’t Know About

Neck-Sculpting Treatments That Most Patients Don’t Know About

Double-chin and “turkey neck” are signs of old age. As you get older, fat redeposits in the strangest places at exactly the same time that skin loses its elasticity and begins to droop heavily. The unsightly pair of skin incidences under your chin is probably making you cringe, but it doesn’t have to. There are neck-sculpting treatments of all kinds, including some you probably don’t even know about!

Double Chin Reduction Los Angeles Style

Who has time for tons of plastic surgery when you live in Los Angeles? It takes a long time to heal from any plastic surgery, which is why so many patients seek out non-surgical procedures at a Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery clinic first before asking for the knife. Thankfully, one particular non-surgical method, Kybella, is able to disintegrate small pockets of fat under your chin with just a bunch of injections given in two or three stages.

Some people who have a little extra fat under the chin that Kybella doesn’t quite eliminate after a few rounds can opt for other surgical procedures. This includes a jowl lift, lower facelift, neck lift and a combo neck and double chin reduction Los Angeles patients liken to having a complete face and neck overhaul. If you need chin and neck liposuction Los Angeles plastic surgeons recommend a more traditional surgical approach.

Ultherapy: The Neck Fat Removal Los Angeles Patients Swear By

This is another non-surgical neck fat removal Los Angeles patients prefer because it leaves no scars and actually feels good as you receive it. That is because the ultherapy is a series of treatments using ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen production and muscle tightening, thereby lifting and reshaping your neck. It tends to feel a little like a neck massage. Depending on how stretched out and saggy your neck is determines the number of recommended treatments before you see an improvement.

Slightly Invasive Neck Liposuction Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons Perform

Nobody likes the idea of a lot of skin being cut, tucked or lifted. With this neck liposuction Los Angeles doctors provide, the incisions are very small and are under the jawline just out of sight when they heal. A very tiny liposuction cannula is inserted and submental fat is sucked out while the surgeon carefully sculpts your chin, jowls and neck.

With this neck lipo procedure Los Angeles patients heal faster than more invasive lipo procedures. Because of the tinier incisions and smaller cannula used for this type of neck lipo procedure Los Angeles patients are able to return to most activities within a couple of days rather than weeks. The cannulas used are even referred to as “microcannulas” because they are hardly larger than most needles for injections, medication administration or blood transfusions. Consult with a Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery doctor to see how these and other possible treatments can turn back the clock on your face and neck for a more youthful look.

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