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Getting older can cause a lot in your body to change. Common signs of aging include wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and lowered brow lines. If you’re experiencing lowered brow lines and sagging skin in the eye area, you may have considered a surgical procedure on your eyelid in Los Angeles.

When the eyebrows start to sag, it can lead to the eyelids becoming saggy as well. This can wreak havoc on your appearance, making you look tired, sad, or angry. By having brow surgery, you can get your face rejuvenated to a more youthful appearance. This can do a ton to enhance your self-confidence and so much more.

What is an Eyebrow Lift?

You may hear an eyebrow lift referred to as a forehead lift or a forehead rejuvenation surgery. All of these terms are the same type of cosmetic procedure aimed at raising the physical position of the eyebrows. This raised appearance allows for a more youthful look around the eyes. You can expect an eyebrow lift to do all of the following:

  • Move the brow line upward
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Reduce hooding of the upper eyelids
  • Decrease horizontal wrinkle lines
  • Erase frown lines

Depending on your preference and goals, you can have this procedure done on its own or alongside other cosmetic procedures. Some of the most common procedures combined with eyebrow lift surgery are blepharoplasty and/or facelifts. It’s a good idea to speak with your preferred surgeon to understand what you should get done.

How is Eyebrow Lift Surgery Done?

If you’re considering undergoing surgery to lift your eyebrows, you likely want to know how it’s done. It’s important to note that while the general steps stay the same for all patients who get this type of cosmetic surgery, the procedure will slightly vary depending on your specific facial features and goals.

When you undergo an eyebrow lift surgery, your plastic surgeon will utilize an endoscope. This is a small camera that is inserted inside of your body. It gives the surgeon a clear view of what they’re doing below your skin. There are three main types of brow lifts that are performed by surgeons. These include the endoscopic brow lift, the limited incision lateral brow lift, and the open brow lift. You should discuss these options with your skilled surgeon to discover which one will be best for you.

When it comes to surgery, it’s important to note that healing is going to take a while. Most patients will start to see the results of the eyebrow procedure within about six months after it’s completed. The hairline and the scalp will need to be relatively healed enough for you to see real visible results. With a brow lift surgery, you can handle those deeper aging problems that you’ll likely have difficulty handling with an alternative procedure.

As with any type of surgery, you must understand the risks involved. There are a few when it comes to eyebrow lift surgery. These include scarring, hair problems, skin sensation changes, and asymmetry of your eyebrows. It’s also important to note that regular surgical risks include bleeding, infection, and anesthesia reaction.

Eyebrow Lift Without Surgery

Not everyone is ready to undergo Los Angeles plastic surgery. For these individuals, there is another non-invasive option that can allow them to get a brow lift. This non-surgical option is known as a Botox brow lift. This type of procedure works to reduce the signs of aging in the facial region.

Botox is done via an injection into the skin. The injections work to relax the muscles in your body. In this scenario, the Botox is utilized to relax the muscles between your eyebrows and around your eyes. Depending on the results that you’re looking to achieve, your surgeon may utilize several Botox injections during your eyebrow lift procedure. When you get an eyebrow lift done with Botox, you can expect all of the following:

  • Quick recovery time
  • Cheaper price than surgery
  • Fast procedure time
  • Non-invasive treatment

The results from this non-invasive brow lift procedure for lower eyelid wrinkles will appear within four to eight days after the injections are administered.

It’s important to know that this type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure is only temporary, The wrinkles will come back about every three to six months. You’ll need to go back for more Botox injections after a few months. Over time, your muscles should start adapting to the Botox injections. This should result in the Botox working for longer in-between visits.

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