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Creating More Lid Space With Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles

Does the upper part of your eyelid hang down too close to your eyelashes? Do you feel like your eyelids are giving you the appearance of small, tired, or sad eyes? Do you feel like your eyelids obscure the eyeshadow and eyeliner that you work so hard to get perfect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it seems you may have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are not a signal that anything’s wrong with you, but you may find them tedious. If you’re irritated with your hooded eyes, you can improve your self confidence by getting hooded eyelid repair in Los Angeles.

Most people may not even realize that they have hooded eyes until they start trying to get creative in their eye makeup routines. Lid space is a phrase used to reference the area in which you are applying your eyeshadows, and those with more lid space are going to be able to show off their makeup skills easier than those with hooded eyes, as the fatty upper skin of a hooded eye will obscure much of the eyelid. While you can look up makeup tutorials on Youtube about eyeliner tips for hooded eyes, you may want to solve this problem altogether.

Hooded eyelid surgery in Los Angeles is called blepharoplasty, and you can get this surgery carried out by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in delicate surgeries like those for the eyes or nose. While you can fix the baggy undereye with blepharoplasty, upper lid blepharoplasty in Los Angeles is the surgery performed to eliminate skin and sometimes fat of the upper eyelid.

Excess and/or baggy skin on the upper eyelid can be treated through blepharoplasty. Pulling the skin of the upper eyelids upward can also be done through a brow lift, but blepharoplasty is generally cheaper and provides better results for those with hooded eyes.

This is usually done for cosmetic purposes, as those who undergo blepharoplasty feel like they look younger and more alert after this procedure. In some cases, the skin on the top of your eyes hangs down so far that your peripheral vision is affected, and in this case, your procedure is more than just cosmetic. For functional blepharoplasty, you may be able to get your procedure covered by your insurance.

The Blepharoplasty Procedure

Before your blepharoplasty procedure, your Los Angeles facial plastic surgery specialist may ask you to do one of three things:

  • A physical examination: Your surgeon will give you a physical examination to make sure that you are healthy enough for surgery. They will also test your tear production and measure parts of your eyelids so they know how much to remove.
  • A vision examination: If you are trying to get your procedure covered by your insurance, you should take an eye exam where your peripheral vision is tested.
  • Eyelid photography: The doctor will take photos of your eyes from different angles. These photos will help with the planning of the surgery, as more skin means a different strategy for your doctor.

Your doctor will administer intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Your doctor will then make an incision in the natural crease of your upper eyelid, and the placement of these incisions will conceal resultant scars.

The appearance of your hooded eyes can be helped with the removal or repositioning of fat deposits, tightening the muscles, and removal of excess skin. Once this is done, your eyelid incisions can be closed up with sutures or skin glue.

Any stitches from your procedure will be removed the week after.


Just like any surgery, Los Angeles upper eyelid surgery comes with risk factors. These will be discussed with you beforehand during your consultation, but the most common risk factor with Los Angeles eyelid surgery is bleeding, so if you are on blood thinners, then surgery may not be right for you.

In the days following your surgery, it’s normal to experience:

  • Watering eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Double vision
  • Puffy, numb eyelids
  • Swelling and bruising similar to having black eyes
  • Pain or discomfort

These symptoms are normal to experience following your surgery and aren’t cause for alarm. They will clear up on their own.

In order to provide the best results, your Los Angeles facial surgeon will ask that you avoid smoking, strenuous activity, and touching your eyes. Applying ice packs can help reduce swelling. If you wear contacts, you should switch to glasses for the next two weeks after the surgery.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Los Angeles blepharoplasty is a procedure with long-lasting results. Your hooded eyes will be gone from your face forever, but it should be noted that the natural aging process will always continue. With aging comes sagging skin, so it’s possible that the upper eyelid will begin to become hooded or saggy again in time. You can try to postpone this with laser skin resurfacing and fillers.

Don’t let the idea of aging keep you from being happy with your face in the present. Patients who get hooded eyelid surgery done in our office always let us know afterward how happy they are with their results. If you feel you need to undergo the surgery again in the future, you will have the option to have a second blepharoplasty procedure performed.

About Westside Face

The plastic surgery specialists of Westside Face emphasize preserving the bone structure and skin vitality that’s unique to each individual patient while making small, but impactful, improvements. This technique allows us to rejuvenate patient’s faces by enacting small and deliberate changes that make a huge difference. Each patient that undergoes cosmetic enhancement at Westside Face can expect:

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  • Long-lasting results
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Plastic surgery patients often want to return to their everyday life ASAP after a procedure, and our approach allows a speedy recovery. Minimal downtime plays a huge role in client satisfaction.

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