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Are You Tired of Looking Tired? Try the Endoscopic Brow Lift

Are You Tired of Looking Tired? Try the Endoscopic Brow Lift

If you’re unhappy with the aging look of your upper face, you may have researched eyelid lift Los Angeles. Known medically as an endoscopic brow lift, this type of surgical procedure is aimed at refreshing the look of the upper third of the face. It involves removing excess skin that is sagging around the forehead and altering the underlying tissue and muscle to create a more youthful look.

How Does Los Angeles Brow Surgery Work?

Los Angeles brow surgery is a specialized surgery that is performed with the help of endoscopic equipment. The endoscopes are tiny cameras that assist your surgeon in visualization throughout the entire procedure. Let’s take an in-depth look at how the surgery is performed so that we can fill in any unknowns for you.

The surgeon performing your Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery will make several incisions about two centimeters behind the hairline. These incisions will be about three to four centimeters in length. An endoscope is then placed through the incisions so that the surgeon has visual access to the muscles and tissues of the forehead.

Next, the surgeon performing your eyelid surgery Los Angeles will use a bone tunnel to lift the forehead skin. They will remove excess fat and tissue from the forehead region. If your surgeon deems it necessary, they will realign the muscles and eyebrows to a more visually appealing level.

How Much Does It Cost?

Surgery to lower eyelid wrinkle reduction Los Angeles costs, on average, $5,000. The exact price of your surgery will be highly dependent on many factors. These include your geographical location, skills of your surgeon, amount of work performed, and so forth. Most insurance companies will not cover this type of surgery as it’s considered cosmetic and not medically necessary.

Endoscopic brow lifts are considered permanent. This Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery typically requires patients to rest for one full week after the procedure. Except there to be minimal bruising and scars post-procedure. You may need to ice the incisions to reduce unnecessary swelling.

Who Is A Good Candidate For This Procedure?

Eyelid surgery Los Angeles is most usually performed on patients ranging from the age of 40 to 70. With this type of cosmetic procedure, the patient should be in good health and have realistic expectations of the possible outcome of the surgery. Those wanting to undergo lower eyelid wrinkle reduction Los Angeles are typically people who have premature aging signs and drooping eyebrows.

Each surgeon will have their own standards of who the ideal candidate is for an eyelid lift Los Angeles. It’s best to contact a qualified cosmetic surgeon in your area to discuss whether or not you fit their standards as an ideal patient to undergo this type of cosmetic surgery. Expect to undergo an interview with the surgeon where they will do a physical examination and take a full medical history. This will add to their decision regarding your candidacy for this type of cosmetic procedure.

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