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Botched Nose Jobs and How to Avoid One

Botched Nose Jobs and How to Avoid One

Since the nose is such a central and integral part of the face, altering its appearance can completely change the face. Nose jobs cost thousands, so patients hope that they come out feeling more attractive and more confident, but that’s not always the case. 

Rhinoplasty is a very delicate surgery and a lot can go wrong. In fact, the damage from a botched nose job can be permanent. If you suffer from botched rhinoplasty, then you may experience difficulty or pain while breathing. 

Most celebrities are tight-lipped about their plastic surgery procedures, even the ones that turn out well. However, botched surgeries can happen, even if it’s to millionaires. 

Michael Jackson was no stranger to plastic surgery, as he didn’t even resemble his teenage self at the time of his death. He underwent a rhinoplasty procedure that left him unable to breathe, something that’s a must for a singer. Rumors have surfaced that he wore a prosthetic nose to cover up the deformity. 

Gao Lui, a Chinese up-and-coming actress, underwent a procedure to “slightly trim” her nose after recommendations that it would help her get more jobs. However, she came out of the four-hour surgery with a surgical site that kept getting infected. Eventually, the tip of her nose became blackened and necrotic, meaning that the tissue was dying. Sadly, she will have to wait a year before undergoing corrective rhinoplasty.
Below are some of the ways rhinoplasty can go wrong: 

  • Polly beak deformity
  • Over-extend nose-tip
  • Knuckling
  • Nasal valve collapse
  • Distorted tip

Choosing a plastic surgeon and having honest and realistic expectations about the outcome is crucial to being satisfied with your results. 

Because of the delicate nature of rhinoplasty surgery in Los Angeles, you should always choose an experienced plastic surgeon who understands the ins and outs of the process. Dr. Aynehchi is among just a few surgeons in the United States that are double-board certified in facial plastic surgery. To achieve this title, a surgeon must show the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 100 facial plastic surgeries and complete a two-day examination. Few cosmetic surgeons in the country have a comparable level of focused specialization in facial anatomy, analysis, and surgery.

Not only should they be a skilled facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, but they should also take the time to understand your nose and your aesthetic goals for the procedure. Our doctors can show you a mockup of what your nose will look like following your surgery so that you understand the outcome. The consultation is crucial to a successful nose job. To schedule your consultation, call our office today.  

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