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Nasal fractures, or broken nose, is one of the most common injuries to the face. Unfortunately, everyday incidents like falling off a bike, taking a hit during sports, or bumping into a door can displace your nasal bones or septum. The entire nose may be moved over to one side. Sometimes, just the central portion of the nose is disrupted, resulting in a “C” shaped deformity. This is usually soon accompanied by swelling and bruising.

Timing of Repair

The options for repairing a broken nose vary based on timing after the initial injury. The bones may be reduced or ‘set’ into their previous position within a few hours after the injury before significant swelling begins to distort the assessment of the nose. The other reason to see a medical professional as soon as possible is to rule out a septal hematoma, or blood collection within the septum, that could potentially result in nasal infection and deformity if not addressed in a timely manner.

If a closed reduction does not take place immediately, it is generally better to wait about 5 -7 days until swelling has subsided in order to adequately assess the nose before resetting the bones and septum. Once more than 10 days have passed however, the bones have begun to be set in place and a closed reduction may no longer be possible. Once too much time has elapsed, patients generally must wait at least 6 weeks following the injury to address the fractured bones and septum with a formal septorhinoplasty in the operating room.

In-Office Broken Nose Repair

Patients presenting within 10-14 days of the injury are usually candidates for immediate repair in the office. The nose and face are anesthesized and the bones are quickly and gently reset within seconds. As a Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Aynehchi is an expert in diagnosing and precisely correcting acute nasal fractures.

In most cases, insurance will cover all or part of the treatment for injuries to the nose. Westside Head & Neck accepts most major PPO plans and Medicare. We are happy to look into your benefits following your initial consultation as a courtesy.