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Can You Fix a Broken Nose After It’s Healed?

Can You Fix a Broken Nose After It’s Healed?

A sudden blow or impact is usually what causes a person’s nose to break. As soon as the cartilage of the nose is damaged, this means the nose is broken. Falling, walking into a wall, vehicle accidents, and getting hit or punched in the nose are all possible causes of a broken nose. Many people experience severe symptoms but depending on the severity of the broken nose, it may or may not be correctable. You can choose to visit our Santa Monica broken nose repair facility. They may be able to assist if you reside in the area.

Broken noses usually heal without any further issues. Reconstructive nose surgery is an option for those who may be unhappy with the way their nose has healed after damage. This is where our corrective nose surgery Santa Monica comes in handy. This is especially useful for those people who are experiencing trouble with breathing after a healing of their broken nose. Facial plastic surgery Santa Monica can be another option for people looking to fix their broken nose. Our great doctors in the Santa Monica area are highly dependable.

Usually medications and home treatments are recommended by a doctor when a person first breaks their nose. This depends on severity. Other times, it may require hospitalization. Rhinoplasty procedure Santa Monica is another alternative to plastic surgery and a great way to fix a healed nose. Santa Monica plastic surgery has many surgeons to assist patients in need of healing their nose. Some people may not even need surgery because their nose may heal just fine after other corrective measures have been taken.

It’s possible to correct a healed broken nose. You will need to consider plastic surgery, or some other type of facial rhinoplasty. These are options for those that are not happy with the way their noses have healed after it becomes broken.

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