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Celebrities Who Changed Their Hooded Eyes

Celebrities Who Changed Their Hooded Eyes

If you’re a woman with hooded eyes, the top, fatty portion of your eyelid hangs down much closer to your eyelashes than the average person. This kind of eyelid can make you look tired, depressed, older, and it makes it harder to wear eye makeup.

You’ve likely already seen Youtube tutorials about how to do eyeliner and eyeshadow for hooded eyes, but many would rather eliminate the problem altogether rather than work around it.

If you choose to undergo a saggy eyelid procedure in Los Angeles, the doctor will cut and pull the excess skin and tissue above your eye upward, giving them a more open and lifted appearance. This small procedure can make a huge impact on how you feel about your face since it makes your open and spritely eyes the focus.

Many celebrities have seen a facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to lift their eyelids. Check out their eyelids below for possible blepharoplasty inspiration.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid is no stranger to cosmetic surgery, and it appears her signature trait, her catlike, sultry eyes, is the result of a talented surgeon. In photos of her as a teenager, you can clearly see that her eyes are hooded and rounder. In order to achieve the cat-eye or fox-eye look, she likely underwent a brow lift and eyelid lift at the same time.

Taylor Swift
The Grammy award-winning singer has been in the public eye for over a decade, and there’s a clear difference in her eyelid space between her Fearless and Folklore eras. Along with her country twang, Swift left her hooded eyes in the past. Her eyes are now much less squinted, and they appear rounder and more innocent.

Ariana Grande
Grande has grown up in front of the camera, and social media has taken note of her drastic appearance change. Her skin tone and hair are definitely different, and when you closely compare high resolution photos of her face, you can see that she had droopy eyelid surgery. It even appears that she has had more than one eyelid surgery, as her eyelids used to be uneven and now they are perfectly symmetrical in where they fall on her face.

Jennifer Lawrence
As an actress, you want to have expressive eyes. It makes sense why Lawrence would decide to undergo eyelid surgery to help open up her eyes and make them seem more alert. In the early days of her acting career, her eyes were heavily hooded. Now, you can see a bit more eyelid space on the upper part of her eye.

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