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Celebrities Who Have Acne

Celebrities Who Have Acne

You may have thought that your teenage skin issues would go away once you reached adulthood, but adult acne is very common. Acne is such a common skin issue that even celebrities who can invest thousands of dollars into their appearance deal with it!

Acne can be difficult and expensive to treat, and many choose to visit dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and facial fillers in Los Angeles to minimize the appearance of their pimples and the dark spots and scars they leave behind.

Even if you’re a millionaire, this problem can persist. As you see below, some celebrities choose to be open about their skin struggles to minimize the stigma.

Kendall Jenner
Model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner is known for her beautiful face and thin body, but she also deals with cystic acne. She even walked the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet during a breakout, showing that you can’t let your insecurities stop you from living life. “Never let that s— stop you!” Jenner wrote on a social media post. She has since been an ambassador for Proactiv.

Taylor Hill
Kendall Jenner isn’t the only model without perfect skin. Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren model Taylor Hill also suffers from blemishes. She posted a bare-faced selfie to her Instagram page where you can clearly see acne on her skin. She didn’t acknowledge her acne, instead choosing to treat this common skin condition like it’s a normal part of life, which it is!

Adwoa Aboah
Model and activist Adwoa Aboah has fought to normalize talking about insecurities and mental health, and she’s exemplifying it on her Instagram by opening up about her acne struggles.

She originally intended not to post the photos, but ended up deciding to. She said, “only ever meant for my eyes in order to obsessively scrutinize over my up and down battle with my skin. Some days it was acne, some days it wasn’t too bad, then mass breakouts followed by clear as day skin. It was exhausting never knowing what your skin was going to look like from one day to another, it was even more exhausting caring so much, about what work thought or if people noticed.”

Adwoa continued, revealing her reason for sharing the photos now. “This month as much as I can I will be posting those photos, not because my skin is the worst you’ve ever seen but because it feels time to let that sh*t go, time to join force with a community who bare their pimples for the world to see.”

Justin Bieber
Society seems to see acne as more of a female issue, but men can have it, too. Justin Bieber recently posted a selfie to his Instagram story where he pointed out his acne on his forehead.

Acne is completely normal, but if you want to try to visit a facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to minimize its appearance. Contact our office if you want to start getting more comfortable with your face’s appearance.


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