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Does A Brow Lift Change Eye Shape?

Does A Brow Lift Change Eye Shape?

A brow lift is a procedure in which a professional plastic surgeon raises drooping eyelids, reduces wrinkles, and revives a youthful look. This procedure, also known as a forehead lift, is performed under the knife with incisions following and or near the hairline. Listed below are some of the key benefits that a brow lift procedure provides.

Consultation Benefits
Receiving a consultation before any type of surgery is necessary so a professional can discuss the right surgery plan for you. Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery location, Westside Face, said that, “At the preliminary consultation, the patient’s forehead and eyelids will be assessed and a surgical plan will be created. Once the patient’s candidacy has been determined, a procedure date will be scheduled.” Facial photographs and prior medical issues will also be examined. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons provides a list of questions on their website that you should ask your plastic surgeon during a consultation and before you go through with a brow lift procedure.

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Skin Elasticity Is Tightened and Youthful Appearance is Restored
Skin on the forehead and surrounding the eyebrows that have lost elasticity can be tightened with a brow lift. That youthful appearance that you once had and are now craving can be restored. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, “The problem with an aging forehead is the effect it has on our facial expressions—a sagging, heavily furrowed brow can cause us to look constantly tired, worried or even angry.” Sagging skin can affect a person’s day to day life; whether it be physically or mentally. “A brow lift directly addresses these issues, helping patients enjoy a more naturally refreshed appearance as well as other positive changes,” the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery said. These other positive changes include improved confidence, brighter and awakened eyes, and approachability.

Facial Creases and Fine Lines Smoothed
Facial creases and fine lines on the forehead and near the eyebrow can be smoothed during a brow lift. According to Medscape, “Aging varies in each individual. Forehead changes are based on environmental factors (sun damage), genetic makeup, and skin type. The extent of aging can vary greatly.” Gravity, as you get older, has a negative toll on your brow placement and position on your face. “Beginning in the fourth decade, early changes of brow position, influenced by gravity, become apparent,” Medscape said. “By the fifth decade, most individuals have undesirable changes of the forehead and upper periorbital region that would benefit from rejuvenative forehead procedures.” A brow lift will freeze the aging process on your forehead and eyebrow area and reduce those pesky creases and fine lines you want vanished.

Limited Post-Surgery Side Effects
A brow lift has limited post-surgery side effects. Depending on which brow lift procedure your plastic surgeon chooses is best for you, a classic or endoscopic, will determine recovery time. During an endoscopic lift, a plastic surgeon will use an endoscope tool, an instrument used to look inside the body, to perform the brow lift with small incisions near the scalp. The total time of operation in an endoscope surgery is about an hour and a half. During a classic lift, a longer incision is made from ear to ear following the hairline. A strip of skin is removed during a classic lift so the surgeon can stretch and smooth the skin.

According to WebMD, “In either case, you will have stitches or staples that will need to be removed in about a week. If you have temporary fixation screws, your surgeon will remove them in about two weeks. These fixtures are installed beneath the hairline to hold the elevated brow in place.” Bruising, swelling, itchiness, and or numbness may be side effects that a patient can notice post-surgery. It is important to not be alarmed because these side effects will subside over time. Complications, which can occur with any surgery, include complications with eyebrow movement, infection, and scars. Inform your doctor of any side effects or possible complications because they will know the best way in treating your problem. WebMD said that, “Most people can return to work or school within 10 days depending on which procedure was performed and your own personal rate of recovery.”

According to Franciscan Health, “Forehead lift plastic surgery is a delicate procedure; too much or not enough correction can result in an unnatural facial appearance. For this reason, it is imperative that patients work with a skilled plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing forehead lift.” If you are looking for a rejuvenated look, don’t hesitate to contact Westside Face to accommodate your brow and eyelid lift needs. More information on business and procedures can be found with the keywords; eyelid surgery Los Angeles, Los Angeles brow surgery, lower eyelid wrinkle reduction Los Angeles, and eyelid lift Los Angeles.

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