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Facelift Procedure Steps

Facelift Procedure Steps

We offer face lifts in Santa Monica are one of the easiest cosmetic surgeries that you can get. However, you still may be nervous about the procedure. So, to put your mind at ease, here is a small breakdown of what you will experience on the day of your surgery:

1. Administering Anesthesia
Numbing medications will be administered for your comfort during the operation. You also may have to go under general anesthesia. This will be the doctor’s decision. General anesthesia will be administered intravenously.

2. Making the Incision
The type of incision that is made depends on how much change is required. You may only want a limited incision facelift or neck lift, or you may be receiving the full traditional face lift.

The incisions for a traditional face lift begin in the hairline at the temples. They then continue around the ear all the way to the lower scalp.

Then, depending on your Santa Monica facial cosmetic surgery needs, your fat may be redistributed from your face, neck, and jowls. Next, the deeper layers of your face, as well as the muscles, are lifted up and the underlying tissue is repositioned. The skin is then pulled over the uplifted tissue and any excess skin is cut away.

3. Closing the Incisions
Skin adhesives or sutures close the incisions. The sutures may need to be removed after a week or two, or they may be the type to dissolve into the skin. The adhesive, or skin glue, aids in healing.

Once these incisions heal, the scars from the procedure will be hidden well into the hairline, as well as within the usual contours of the ears and the face.

4. Other Procedures that Enhance Results
There are many other procedures that work with face lifts to enhance results. For example, there are fat transfers that can improve the contour of your face. If you do not have natural fat to transfer, there are also facial implants to consider.

There are also resurfacing techniques using lasers that will improve the texture of your skin as well as its tone. These are typically non-invasive in nature.

The most common, however, would have to be a neck lift. The necklift helps to remove loose neck skin, fat under the chin, and jowls.

During a neck lift Santa Monica patients will have a second incision made under the chin, which wraps around the ears, and doubles back to the hairline behind each ear. Like the typical face lift, sutures and/or skin glue is used to close the incision.

In conclusion, a face lift is a simple process. While you may have some bruising and swelling, the final result will restore and refresh your face. You can count on the youthful glow that you have enjoyed for many years to once again shine its light. More importantly, you will feel confident and beautiful.

If you are considering face lift surgery in Santa Monica, call us at West Side Face. Our helpful staff will assist you with all your needs and answer all your questions. Give us a call today.

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