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Fat Grafting or Fillers: Which Procedure is Better for Facial Rejuvenation2021-04-24T18:04:19+00:00

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Fat Grafting or Fillers: Which Procedure is Better for Facial Rejuvenation

What is Fat Transfer or Fat Grafting?

Fat transfer or fat grafting is a popular Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery. It is the Facial Rejuvenation treatment that takes fat from different areas of the body to inject them into your face. This method is very popular throughout the cosmetic surgery industry because of multiple reasons. Before undergoing this surgery, there are questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that this option is right for you. 

Fat Transfer Procedural Steps

First, your surgeon has to discuss the appropriate sites to remove fat from so that calculations and preparations are accurate.

Then, your surgeon must remove the fat with a syringe to prepare it for insertion into the other sites. Preparation may consist of your surgeon removing impurities or inserting the fat into a centrifuge to alter its density levels, and more.

Once the fat is prepared, your surgeon can start to identify incision points so that the desired area can receive the injections.

Who is the Perfect Candidate for This Procedure?

Lots of individuals may be uninformed about all of the things that Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons can fix and alter. There are various different reasons that clients have invested in facial fat transfer in Los Angeles to experience their best results.

Body Contouring

Lots of individuals resort to fat grafting to move fat from areas into other areas that the client desires more volume or density in.

Filling Wrinkles

Facial fat transfer for wrinkles in Los Angeles is a very effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other undesirable facial imperfections that show signs of skin being sunken or premature aging.

Filling Body Parts That are Compressed

Some individuals may experience compressed body parts from diseases like cancer and other body deforming conditions. Fat grafting will allow the individual to fill areas that were damaged by removing fat from other areas.

How Long Does This Procedure Take?

Surgical timing is an aspect that depends solely on your specific needs and requirements. Fillers for the face in Los Angeles do require your surgeon to complete multiple steps. First, they must decide which area is going to be treated. Then, they might have to prepare the fat to insert it into the area that needs to be altered.

After that, there might need to be multiple sessions to complete the desired look. Multiple sessions are also critical for the fat to develop its own source of blood supply. When the fat is inserted too rapidly, complications can occur because proper blood supply is discouraged. Proper planning takes time and effort to ensure that you receive the best results. You can expect for this process to take more time than other facial fillers like Botox.

How Well Does It Work Compared to Other Procedures?

Facial graphing works wonderfully compared to other facial filling procedures. This procedure consists of a natural component that is coming from your body. This allows the body to consume the fat in a way that isn’t as risky as others. Your fat is a component that was derived from your body; you are less likely to experience forms of poisoning, allergic reactions, and other problematic instances.

How Long Do the Results Last?

These results can be expected to last for as long as three years. This also depends on the place that the client wants the fat fillers for the face in LA. Body fat is a great option for injections because it is safer but it can also absorb back into the body. This is simply the body’s normal function of consuming it after weight loss. This factor would decrease the amount of time that your results might last.

Fat absorption is also an option that you can discuss with your physician if you don’t want the procedure to last as long. It is a great way to practice trial and error for short-term results.

How Much Does This Procedure Cost?

Fat transfer by facelift in LA is more expensive even though it lasts longer than alternative fillers. You must consider the amount of sessions that are required to get your desired result. As explained earlier, fat needs proper blood circulation to remain intact and functional within the body. This means that multiple sessions are more likely to take place and become more costly.

There are various ways to get the funding for Los Angeles facelift through fat transfer and pay for your desired cosmetic surgery. You can consult with your bank to see if there are loans available to pay for your specific cosmetic desires.

How to Tell Which Surgeon is Right For You

All of these factors should be considered when you are choosing the right surgeon. Please make sure that your surgeon is qualified and trained before they perform any procedures on your body. This is a great way to avoid medical accidents and mishaps that can be dangerous or fatal.

You also need a surgeon that is willing to analyze, listen, and assess your body and personal request. These are factors that will help to determine how successful your surgery is. You should communicate openly and honestly about the factors that might contribute to your surgical success. For example, you should tell your surgeon if you had previous surgeries that might affect your overall outcome. You should also inform your surgeon about allergies and other medical facts.

Also know that when a surgeon refuses to perform surgery, it is usually for an understandable reason. When a client has had too many cosmetic surgeries within a certain area, negative outcomes are more likely to happen after another surgery is performed.

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