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History of Plastic Surgery

History of Plastic Surgery

Historians discovered that surgery has been performed since almost the beginning of time, as Neanderthal skulls have shown signs of primitive surgery. However, many people don’t know how long plastic surgery has been practiced.

One of the key developments in the invention of cosmetic surgery is anesthesia and sterile techniques. Once these two components to surgery were invented, cosmetic surgery started to advance rapidly.

Rhinoplasty was first performed in the 1800s to correct “saddle nose,” which is a deep depression in the bridge of the nose. This condition was often caused by syphilis, also a common part of the 1800s, as no treatment existed yet. Potentially being associated with a sexually transmitted disease made people with saddle noses eager to try a surgery change, no matter how new or unresearched the surgery was.

In the 1880s, surgery moved forward to altering large noses. You may be surprised to find that the first nose jobs performed were intranasal rhinoplasty, done by making incisions on the inside of the nostrils. Nowadays, rhinoplasty performed by operating from within the nostrils is called closed scarless rhinoplasty, and it can be performed by our Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery specialists in our office.

The need for plastic surgery experienced a surge during the four years of World War I. Surgeons were frequently confronted with patients who wanted to fix visible scarring or deformities resulting from combat. The “miracles” that resulted from cosmetic surgery brought this form of medicine into the spotlight.

Medical professionals then formed the American Association of Oral Surgeons in 1921, which later was developed into the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Once plastic surgery started to enter the public eye, people began to get it to take their appearances from good to great. Old Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe were even rumored to have undergone nose jobs or eyelifts.

Plastic surgery is still developing more and more each year. Compared to even just a decade ago, plastic surgery has come a long way, especially in the realm of staying young. Avoiding wrinkles and sagging skin used to be done by over injecting Botox or pulling a too-tight facelift, resulting in people who could barely move their face.

If you go to Westside Face seeking ways to reverse the clock on your face’s natural aging process, we will treat you with the newest technology using the artistry we’ve developed over our decades of experience. While you still have the option of choosing a face-lift or Botox injections, we can also offer CO2 laser skin resurfacing or fat transfer.

Contact our office if you are looking to undergo Los Angeles facial plastic surgery. We have a long track record of clients satisfied by our natural-looking surgeries performed by making small but impactful changes.

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