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How to Choose a Facial Filler

How to Choose a Facial Filler

Also known as dermal fillers, facial fillers are a new craze in the cosmetic surgery market. They can be injected into the sink in less than an hour and don’t require any downtime after the procedure is complete. This procedure works effectively to rejuvenate the facial skin.

If you go to any facial plastic surgery Santa Monica center, you’ll be given the option of facial fillers to handle a plethora of aging-related problems with the face. Some of the most common treatments that dermal fillers can provide are:

  • Raising Depressed Scar Tissue
  • Eliminating Wrinkles
  • Filling In Soft-Tissue Volume Loss
  • Enhancing The Cheekbones
  • Eliminating Under Eye Circles
  • Lifting The Eyebrows
  • Plumping The Lips

What’s Inside A Dermal Filler?
Facial fillers can be produced with various components. The most popular fillers are made out of calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid, or collagen. Your specific doctor will have a preference for the non surgical dermal fillers Santa Monica that they perform. It’s important to let your doctor know of any allergies you have to drugs as this could limit what types of dermal filler compounds they can use.

Are Facial Fillers Permanent?
Dermal or facial fillers are a temporary rejuvenation of the face. Since the body continues to age after the fillers are in place, you will notice a decrease in the rejuvenation around the six-month to the six-year mark. This is going to vary greatly depending on the application of the filler and the materials that were inside of it at the time of injection.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Just as with any sort of surgery, such as a Santa Monica botox face lift, there are always risks involved. For dermal fillers specifically, skin irritation, bruising, redness, and swelling can all be temporary side effects. In rare cases, people may be allergic to the dermal filler material.

How To Pick The Right Fillers?
It’s important to start out by saying the facial fillers are different than other injectables such as Botox and dysport for wrinkles. Finding the right filler product all starts with understanding the main factors that go into your decision. These are your doctor’s experience, preference, your budget, and your skin nuances. Skin nuances can include things like sun damage and elasticity of the skin.

You may find that the ideal cheek fillers to lift face in Santa Monica are going to be different than the type of fillers for wrinkle relaxers in Santa Monica. Application location also plays a role in the type of filler compound that is used. It’s best to take the time to discuss your concerns and expectations with your doctor prior to undergoing treatment.

Facial or dermal fillers are a fairly new innovation in the cosmetic world. They help to rejuvenate aging facial skin for men and women in their 40s and up. If you think that your looks and self-confidence level can benefit from having facial fillers, then we highly advise talking with your local cosmetic surgeon today.

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