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Jamie Lee Curtis: Plastic Surgery Trends Are Wiping Out a Generation of Beauty

Jamie Lee Curtis: Plastic Surgery Trends Are Wiping Out a Generation of Beauty

The world is progressing towards less shame towards plastic surgery, and this positivity has led more celebrities to be open about procedures they’ve had done. However, the “Instagram” face has taken over the social media platform.

What is the Instagram face? It’s the plump-lipped, fox-eyed, baby-faced trend that many influencers have been getting. Many compare it to the plastic surgery Kylie Jenner has gotten, and many influencers no longer look like themselves.

In a recently published interview with Fast Company, A-lister Jamie Lee Curtis said that she felt that the obsession with perfection fueled by social media and seeing ourselves on Zoom is “wiping out generations of beauty.”

She also detailed how her past cosmetic procedure led to a Vicodin addiction after she was prescribed the drug during recovery.

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