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Laser Treatments for Acne Scars

Laser Treatments for Acne Scars


Acne is a problem that affects almost everyone at some point or another. Most people get lucky by only having to deal with bad breakouts during their teenage years. However, others can get stuck with acne into adulthood. When it comes to dealing with the results of bad acne, scars can be a real problem.

Acne scars tend to develop when pimples are scratched, popped, or picked repeatedly. These depressed scars or dark spots can really hinder your appearance and self-confidence levels. If you’ve dealt with cystic acne in the past, you know that it can leave hyper-pigmentation issues that alter the tone of your skin. These poor skin results of acne can have anyone looking for help to get rid of them.

How Can Laser Treatment Help?
A laser facelift in Santa Monica can be a great way to get rid of those unsightly acne scars. This cosmetic procedure uses a pulsing light that is directed into the layers of the skin. The concept behind it is that the light encourages collagen grown in the cells. These cells will begin to regenerate. As the new skin makes its way to the surface, the old damaged tissue naturally breaks away.

The Various Types Of Laser Treatments Available
When it comes to getting Santa Monica plastic surgery, there are many laser treatment options that you can opt for. The most popular for treating unwanted acne scars is the IPL. This is short for intense pulsed lasers. These particular lasers emit short light bursts that remove the dead skin and encourage new growth.

Fractional lasers are another type of tool that can be used by your laser skin resurfacing Santa Monica specialists. This works by utilizing microthermal zones that create trauma to the skin in various areas. This trauma essentially works to kick the body’s natural healing process into overdrive. This results in a thicker skin rejuvenation that provides more elasticity to the facial skin. With fractional lasers, you can expect to undergo multiple treatments to remedy your depressed acne scars.

As you may know, lasers are used for so many cosmetic procedures. Acne scars are just one of the many problems that they can remedy. When it comes to body hair, laser hair removal Santa Monica is a great way to get rid of it quickly. You should talk to your local cosmetic surgery center to see what sort of laser treatments they can offer you.

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