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Pandemic lockdown fuels plastic surgery boom in Brazil

Pandemic lockdown fuels plastic surgery boom in Brazil

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about our daily lives. Suddenly, many people are finding themselves working at their kitchen table instead of their desk at their office. Instead of close family gatherings, many of us are finding ourselves soaking in the family love over Zoom and other video conferencing platforms.

Brazilian Plastic Surgery Boom

The Brazil population, just like others throughout the world, have adapted to the changes the pandemic has brought on in a different way. Studies have revealed that many Brazilian citizens have turned to their favorite cosmetic surgeon while they wait out the pandemic. With an increase in remote working, people are finding it easier than ever to undergo surgeries that they thought would sideline them for months.

While a Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is one of the most popularly requested during the pandemic, there are many other procedures that are runner ups. A face lift Los Angeles and a neck lift Los Angeles are some of the most popularly requested. Cosmetic surgeons love the added business that this pandemic has brought them.

A local Brazilian surgeon has revealed that she personally has notated a 40 percent increase in plastic surgery since the start of the pandemic. Cintia Rios has spent most of the pandemic hiring new employees to help keep up with this new demand for saggy neck surgery Los Angeles and facial lift surgery Los Angeles. It’s her belief that three main factors have led to an increase in plastic surgery during the pandemic.

The Reasons Behind The Boom

First, people have more time at home where they can safely recover. Second, people are saving more money each month as they aren’t going out to restaurants and stores each weekend. Lastly, people have become more self-conscious of how they look on video conferencing technology. This is because people are constantly seeing themselves on screen as if they are looking in a mirror when in a video conference.

Many patients are focusing on enhancing the appearance of their face. With Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery being the most popular, it’s no wonder that video conferencing has made such a big difference. A request for a face lift Los Angeles and a neck lift Los Angeles is one that plastic surgeons are commonly hearing.

This Demand Is Spreading In Other Countries As Well

According to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 64% of surgeons saw a rise in their telemedicine appointments in 2020. The most commonly sought-after were saggy neck surgery Los Angeles and facial lift surgery Los Angeles. It’s very clear that people are more concerned than ever before with how their face looks.

Another study released by ASPS revealed that 49% of Americans who have never undergone plastic surgery are considering it. This makes it perfectly clear that Americans are more open to plastic surgery than ever before. It’s estimated that plastic surgeons around the globe will continue to see an increase in patients over the next year.

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