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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Second Nose Job?

When you go under the knife, you hope to emerge looking better than ever. Unfortunately, some people come out of their rhinoplasty procedure hating their new nose, and they want a redo.

It may be that the surgeon removed too much from the bridge of your nose, causing a nasal collapse. It’s also possible that they didn’t do enough.

You should wait for a year to see your final rhinoplasty results, as swelling can distort its true shape. However, at the end of that year-long recovery period, you may still be unhappy. Patients who are unhappy with their nose jobs often feel that way because the doctor removed too much of the nasal bridge, causing a collapse. Having a flattened nose that spikes up towards the nostrils affects the self-esteem. Other times, the tissue surrounding the incision site gets infected and looks unnatural.

If you’re dissatisfied with your rhinoplasty results, it’s possible to get a second nose job, referred to as revision rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty revision procedure is a surgery aimed at correcting negative results or complications that occur after the initial rhinoplasty procedure. In most cases where our Los Angeles plastic surgeons are asked to perform revision rhinoplasty, we try to correct nasal deformities that are the result of the procedure being performed wrong the first time. Our doctors typically do this by rebuilding the nasal bridge or tip. Because nose jobs that usually result in the need for revision rhinoplasty involve removing too much cartilage or bone, we usually have to conduct cartilage grafts from the nasal septum or ear.

Westside Face is known for our excellent rhinoplasty procedures that have a track record of client satisfaction. Dr. Aynehchi is a world-class rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles who is board-certified, meaning that he is one of the best doctors to perform this kind of procedure.

Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles requires preciseness and artistry to give patients natural-looking results they’re going to love, and it’s recommended that you choose a surgeon with an abundance of experience in this kind of cosmetic surgery. When you choose to wrong surgeon, you’re more likely to end up with a nose that Westside Face has to correct. Plastic surgery is not a purchase that you want to take chances on; you should choose a doctor who is well-prepared for the procedure. Many people make this mistake, as 20% of rhinoplasty patients get a second nose job.

Revision rhinoplasty is a more complex surgery than the initial nose job due to the unpredictability of scar healing. We offer closed scarless rhinoplasty, a procedure in which the surgeon operates from the inside of the nostrils, resulting in zero scarring on the visible parts of the nose. However, closed scarless rhinoplasty is not an option depending on the damage that results.

At your revision consultation, your Los Angeles facial plastic surgery specialist should talk through the risks associated with your particular situation and what kind of results you can realistically achieve.

One of the main questions patients ask is, “how much does revision rhinoplasty cost?”

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost

A revision nose job costs more than the first one. This is partially due to its complexity. The damage done from the first nose job can often be extensive, and this requires creative thinking from your surgeon.

A common complaint from patients asking for revision rhinoplasty is that their nose has collapsed due to the removal of too much of the nasal structure. They may fill it with cartilage taken from your nasal septum or ear.

Oftentimes, the missing cartilage from the tip and bridge of the nose must be replaced by a foreign substance. Our surgeons have been known to source cartilage and bone from cadavers to fix nasal collapse in our patients. This is going to drive up the cost of your rhinoplasty procedure, but it also results in a satisfying outcome.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, too little cartilage may have been removed during your initial surgery, so our doctors will have to shave off some of the excess material.

In other cases, only minor changes may be needed. In situations where minor additions are needed, our surgeons can use dermal fillers to reshape your nose. Bio-safe fillers like Juvederm can be injected into the tip of your nose and bridge of your nose to make small but impactful changes. Your doctor can add more or less filler depending on what needs to be done. This is probably the cheapest revision rhinoplasty option, as it doesn’t require incisions. The cost also varies depending on the amount of filler needed. You likely won’t pay over $1,000.

A rhinoplasty revision can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000.

Does Insurance Cover Revision Rhinoplasty?

Spending $10,000 or more on the appearance of one’s nose would cause many to balk, but they often find that the value of self-confidence is priceless. While the cost of an initial rhinoplasty usually isn’t covered by insurance because it’s for cosmetic purposes, the results of your procedure may be so bad that you are experiencing health defects, such as difficulty breathing.

In cases where one’s breathing is obstructed due to a failed rhinoplasty procedure, the patient’s insurance may cover it since it’s affecting their health and quality of life.

Westside Face is in-network with most insurances, but insurance usually does not cover cosmetic procedures. However, if the reason you want a revision nose job is that one or both of your nasal airways is blocked, this is a medical reason, and it may be covered by your insurance. They will likely pay the portion associated with your breathing, leaving you to pay for the cosmetic portion. During your consultation, you can ask your doctor if they believe that your health is being affected in any way from your procedure; if so, then you may be able to get insurance to cover your rhinoplasty re-do.

Any part of the fee that is directly related to correcting airway problems may be covered by your health insurance, although you must cover any costs associated with cosmetic changes. If the rhinoplasty cost is prohibitive, ask your surgeon about monthly payments.

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