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Sculpting Your Jawline

Sculpting Your Jawline

The face is what people notice about us at first glance. It’s why most people are obsessed with looking their best when going out, when taking selfies, or when joining a video call. It’s necessary because other people will judge you based on your looks, and so will you, though unconsciously. While beauty is crucial, it’s unlikely for everyone to have it all naturally at all times.

That being said, it might seem a good idea to consider sculpting your jawline, cheeks, jowls, and neck to improve your overall face beauty. Sculpting your jawline can enhance your looks. It’s why visiting a Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery expert can help. But before that, it’s best to know what to expect and the different procedures used in sculpting the jawline to make you look more youthful. So, what are the options out there?

Sculpting Your Jawline

Currently, there are a variety of ways to help with sculpting the jawline. Liposuction is one of them, which involves the removal of fat from the skin. Liposuction can be performed on the neck or chin. In neck liposuction, a face lift Los Angeles expert will first inject either one or two small incisions followed by a cannula’s insertion to remove the excess fat.

Don’t worry about the incisions because they won’t be visible. The procedure is relatively minor and doesn’t take long to regain normalcy. On the other hand, chin liposuction is a similar procedure, but the fat is removed from the chin. In both approaches, the chin and the neck contour are sculpted to emerge elegantly. Apart from manual removal of fat under anesthesia, liposuction can involve other different techniques. It can also use ultrasound or lasers.

However, liposuction alone may not get the job done. That’s why, a facial lift surgery Los Angeles expert may have to perform other procedures for better results. Individually, liposuction doesn’t address saggy or excess skin. That may be an issue in older individuals; another procedure like a neck lift or face lift might be necessary. A neck lift Los Angeles procedure can be done in two ways.

  • Cervicoplasty – Involves removing extra or saggy skin and should only be performed by a saggy neck surgery Los Angeles expert.
  • Platysmaplasty – It entails the tightening of neck muscles.

The two aim at giving the neck and chin contours an elegant look through saggy neck surgery Los Angeles. A face lift Los Angeles procedure involves the removal of excess fat from the skin, and removing loose and saggy skin around the chin and neck. The latter helps in the removal of the double-chin.

That said, another solution in sculpting the jawline is called double-chin surgery. Double-chin is mostly a significant concern. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 73 percent of consumers listed excess fat under the chin/neck as the primary worry on their general appearance. It involves a variety of procedures combined, including liposuction, face lift, and neck lift Los Angeles. A double chin can also be treated using an injection too. For instance, Kybella, an FDA-approved drug, aims to treat moderate-to-severe fat in adults. There’s also the populous injectable fillers.


There are many ways to sculpt your jawline. Talking to a Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgeon can help you to know which procedure is best for your situation. Our facial lift surgery Los Angeles expert can help enhance your look.

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