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See the ‘Jersey Shore’ Stars’ Plastic Surgery Transformations Over the Years

See the ‘Jersey Shore’ Stars’ Plastic Surgery Transformations Over the Years

Stepping into the spotlight always brings on the pressure of looking good. Many celebrities turn to Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery to assist in enhancing their looks. The stars of Jersey Shore are no different. In fact, three of the biggest stars have recently opened up about their experience with Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery.

The three superstars include JWoww, The Situation, and Snooki. Nicole Polizz, better known as Snooki, has shared her fat fillers for the face in Los Angeles. She noted getting both lip and face fillers. Those who follow her Snapchat profile were able to follow her every step of the way.


Snooki explains how she was scared to death of needles but sucked it up to enhance her look. This outlandish star has been routinely getting facial fat transfer Los Angeles for plumping up her lips over the years. She also reported getting breast implants.


Snooki’s long-time pal, JWoww has been no stranger to sharing her experiences with a fat transfer face lift Los Angeles. Known formally as Jenni Farley, this mega Jersey Shore star continually makes ongoing tweaks to her face. She believes that doing so throughout her younger years will help her to avoid more major issues when she reaches her later years of life.

JWoww has also gone on record stating that women should undergo fat fillers for the face in Los Angeles because it’s truly what they want inside. She has also undergone two breast enlargement surgeries, one in 2005 and one in 2015. This star is no stranger to the cosmetic surgery realm.

The Situation

When it comes to the last star, Mike Sorrentino, he’s left it pretty light. Better known as The Situation, he’s only been reported to have undergone Botox injections over the years. He left the facial fat transfer Los Angeles up to the women. Sorrentino hasn’t gone on the record to talk about his plastic surgery.

A Quick Look At The Most Desired Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The stars of Jersey Shore are not the only people who enjoy themselves a little or, should we say, a lot of plastic surgery. People throughout the country are undergoing all types of cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance and their self-confidence levels. Let’s check out the top types of cosmetic surgeries in the United States right now.

The first popular procedure is liposuction. This cosmetic procedure can be performed on multiple areas of the body to remove excess body fat. Surgeons simply suck up the excess fat cells and allow a more aesthetically-pleasing contour for the patient. Most people who undergo liposuction can return to their regular routine in a couple of days.

Next up is the fat transfer face lift Los Angeles. Referred to medically as a rhytidectomy, this cosmetic procedure creates a more youthful look for the face. A facelift will remove sagging skin on the cheeks and around the jawline. Recovery for this condition takes about two full weeks.

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