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Septorhinoplasty Aftercare

Septorhinoplasty Aftercare

If you are undergoing a Los Angeles septorhinoplasty procedure, your surgeons will be focusing on both the outer part of your nose and the inner part of your nose known as the septum. The septum is the structure that creates a barrier between your nasal passages. It also acts as a support system for your nose. The septum should be straight. However, yours may be deviated or crooked. This may cause difficulty with your breathing, sleep apnea, and an increased risk of sinus infections. Septorhinoplasty can correct the problem. At the same time, your surgeon can also enhance the appearance of your nose. Before your septoplasty procedure Los Angeles, you need to be prepared for the recovery process.

What to Expect for Sinus Surgeries Aftercare
Deviated septum repair Los Angeles is an outpatient surgery. Once your procedure is completed, the recovery process begins. You will be taken to the recovery room where a nurse will closely monitor your vitals. Once your surgeon approves your release, a friend or family member should drive you home. You should plan on having someone stay with you for the first twenty-four hours in case you need assistance or there is a problem.

What You Should Do When You are Home
When you are sent home, you will have a cast or splint on your nose. You may also have packing in your nose or a bandage at the base of your nose to absorb drainage of fluids. Swelling is to be expected, especially the morning after your surgery. You may continue to experience morning swelling in the months to come for up to a year. Pain is normal. You should take medication prescribed by your surgeon. You should not wait until you are in severe pain. Take it in the recommended intervals to minimize your discomfort. For the first night after septorhinoplasty Los Angeles, you should sleep so your head is elevated higher than your body and your feet. You can either sleep with your head propped on a pillow or in a recliner. You may prefer to sleep this way for a few weeks after your procedure.

Taking Care of Your Nose in the Days that Follow
Once your Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is completed, remain diligent in following your surgeon’s instructions. Typical recommendations for recovery after septorhinoplasty Los Angeles include:

  • Leave your cast or splint in place for one week.
  • Keep your splint or cast dry
  • Take baths instead of showers
  • Use an ice pack as advised by your surgeon to reduce swelling
  • Do not blow your nose
  • Do not do any type of strenuous activity that can place pressure on your nose
  • Do not bend over

Be sure to see your surgeon for your follow-up appointment after your Los Angeles septorhinoplasty procedure.

Additional Tips for Self Care After Deviated Septum Repair Los Angeles
You can ease your discomfort and speed your healing process after a septoplasty procedure Los Angeles by following some simple tips. Don’t wear shirts that have to be pulled over your head. Make sure you eat soft foods in the beginning that will help you to avoid strain caused by chewing. Brush your teeth gently. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with washing your hair to keep your nose from getting wet. You should also avoid putting pressure on your nose with your glasses. Even contact lenses should wait for a few days following Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery.

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