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Post-Operative Instructions for Intranasal (Septoplasty, Turbinectomy)/Sinus Surgeries2021-06-15T10:09:06+00:00

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Post-Operative Instructions for Intranasal (Septoplasty, Turbinectomy)/Sinus SurgeriesIt is one thing to prepare for a septorhinoplasty and a whole different story with the post-operative experience. While the USA’s surgery records show a 95% success rate, how a patient operates after the procedure is a significant determining factor.

Both the patient and the surrounding parties should be conversant with post-operative instructions to avoid infections or other recovery complications. Make sure you consult with an expert regarding precautions before and after the surgery.

Here are the most considerable post-operative care instructions to follow for intranasal or sinus surgeries.

How to Deal with Swelling

It is essential first to note that swelling is common after surgery. Whether you are going through Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery or other operations, it is a frequent side effect. Facial surgeries may appear to have higher degrees of swelling due to lighter facial tissues. It is more apparent for patients with septum (inside) and outside cuts than those with septum cuts alone. In this circumstance new tissues are replacing damaged ones to promote healing.

Swelling right after a septoplasty should not cause any alarm. It will increase gradually in the following two to three days and then start reducing. However, in some cases, it could persist for about a week or two, depending on the depth and surgery position.

Tips to Ease the Swelling

1.Avoid bending or lifting heavy objects This might increase your blood pressure, causing bleeding, or even aggravating the swelling.

2.Protect your nose from hitting or accidental bumping This might mean not picking up children who could find your bandage exciting and try to hit it.

3.Pay attention to your sleeping position Face upwards when sleeping until the surgery nose dressings are off. Using two or three pillows for your head’s comfort will make this more comfortable.

4.Compress the swollen areas using ice or a cloth soaked in cold water during the first three postoperative days.

5.Be careful with your beauty routines Don’t tweeze the eyebrows for at least a week and only apply makeup when you have to.

6.Keep off the sun.

7.Blow your nose carefully When you have to blow, don’t push on your nose. Instead, be gentle and blow both sides simultaneously.

8.Avoid rubbing your nose This will only aggravate the swelling. If you must, don’t use a handkerchief or Kleenex; rather, go for a mustache dressing.

Swelling is one of many indicators that mean your surgical cut is healing accordingly. Therefore, be a bit patient and keep in mind that it will subside with time. If there is any excessive bleeding, make sure you immediately report it to the surgeon that did your septorhinoplasty operation in Los Angeles.

Dealing with Hemorrhage

More mucus discharge easily follows nasal surgeries. Sometimes the drainage might have some bloodstains, which is also expected. However, if the flow gets heavy and it is more of blood than mucous, then this should raise the alarm.

Any time you experience a hemorrhage, get to bed, elevate your head and use a nasal spray such as neo-synephrine or Afrin. Though many patients don’t follow nasal spray adherence procedures, it is vital that you do avoid further complications. To avoid regular hemorrhages avoid bending, hitting your nose, or lifting heavy items.

What About Pain?

Deviated septum repair might come with some post-surgical pains. Such pains are often mild, but one might have to deal with a bruised sensation due to the swelling. For many patients, the discomfort is worse in the night, and can easily get you nervous.

If this occurs, try using a wet cloth to compress the areas around your nasal structures. This should be your first option at all times. If the pain persists, then take prescribed painkillers. Headaches and fever are also common during your healing process, but they subside gradually over time.

Nose Cleaning Instructions

Avoid blowing your nose at all costs for the first three days after a septorhinoplasty procedure. Only wipe it when you have a discharge and use a mustache dressing, not a handkerchief, to avoid infections.

After the third day, blow both sides simultaneously and gently. Do not push on the nose when you do this. Blood or messy upper lip may be cleaned using hydrogen peroxide and cotton-tipped applicators. You may apply antibiotics ointments or Vaseline within the nostrils if allowed or specified by the surgeon or your physician.

Resuming Normal Activities

Patients could resume most of their regular routines about two weeks after the procedure. However, this is still too early to go to the gym, jog, swim, or take on any other vigorous exercises. You will have to wait for at least four weeks after the surgery.

Avoid sneezing as much as you can. If this is not possible, let it come through the mouth as a cough. If this is also a problem, ask your physician for a prescription to ease the condition.

Patients with glasses may use them as soon as they are comfortable. Contact lenses are also wearable a day post-surgery. Showering need not be a problem, as long as you feel strong enough to do it.

Going back to school or work is possible seven days after a deviated septum repair. Only ensure you adhere to all post-procedure instructions to avoid any complications. Keep off high-temperature areas and always look for time to enjoy the fresh air.

Final Tip

Have a friend or relative help you around, at least during the first week or two after your surgery. This will ensure you are not doing too much that could slow down your recovery. Make sure you have your doctor on call in case of any concerns.

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