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Skip Botox and Fillers! Marc Jacobs Encourages Face Lifts Instead

Skip Botox and Fillers! Marc Jacobs Encourages Face Lifts Instead

2021 was the year of face lifts. It seems like everyone joined in on the trending beauty enhancement. Even Marc Jacobs got his first face lift last year – and he’s relishing in its refreshing results. Unlike Botox and fillers, which might require several mini sessions until your desired look – a face lift provides immediate results.

The fashion designer turned to New York based plastic surgeon Andrew Jacono for treatment. Unlike other celebrities he even went as far as to document the entire process on Instagram, according to The New York Post. Like our offices in Los Angeles, Jacono focuses on providing a facelift technique that leaves little to no scar and promotes immediate healing.

But the question remains: why didn’t he choose Botox and filler? As great as Juvéderm, Restylane or Sculptra are, too much can cause filler face. Too much can cause patients skin to look slightly stretched. In the article, Jacono shared his take on the conversation.

“Anything that you put in your face is occupying a space that wasn’t there,” Jacono said. “When a skilled cosmetic dermatologist uses small amounts of filler in the right places, the results can be positive. But it’s when the face is overfilled — and unfortunately this can be seen everywhere we look — that the skin can be materially stretched.”

Jacobs isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last. As many of us are migrating to a remote workplace, there will be more of a need for facial plastic surgeons. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported “Zoom dysmorphia” has created a demand for the procedure across the U.S.

Jacono was honored to work with Marc, who accounts for part of the 30% of men that turn to him. “He was a good candidate because he had exhausted many other options under the care of a skilled and measured cosmetic dermatologist,” he told the New York Post.

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