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The Weeknd Appears With Bizarrely Bandaged Face at 2020 American Music Awards

The Weeknd Appears With Bizarrely Bandaged Face at 2020 American Music Awards

Popular musician The Weeknd has made headlines recently for something other than his music. He arrived to the American Music Awards with a bruised and bandaged face. 

Are We Promoting Glamorized Violence or Creativity?

The Weeknd has been known for bold looks that audiences have simply had to love or get over. He stepped into the spotlight with a free growing dreadlock hairstyle that resembled a tree. The talented star then decided to cut his hair and show off a more polished look.

Strangely, he has decided to take on an appearance that most celebrities would not dare to show off. The Weeknd has shown up on multiple occasions looking abused and hurt. He has shown up with the bloody and bruised look on Saturday Night Live in March. 

Now, he has taken the look to a new extreme with a broken nose, blackened eyes, bloody lips, and a face bandage.

 Is he trying to show off his Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery? You can observe this look during his award acceptance speech at the American Music Awards. Fans have also noticed that his performance was very brief and short while wearing this look in one of his performances in October.

Fans’ Reaction to His Appearance

His fans showed concerns about his appearance. They asked questions like, “What’s up with The Weeknd’s beat up face?” They also said that it seems like he really can’t feel his face when he’s with you. Why does the weekend look like he was getting facial reconstruction surgery Los Angeles?

Dedication to His Character

The Weekend explained that this bloody face was not because of a Los Angeles facial plastic surgery. It was because of his dedication to his role within his music. Does this mean that he was just getting a Los Angeles facial plastic surgery? You can see this look being embraced during his live music video of the song, Faith.

The song seems to be about The Weeknd losing his faith in his religion. The sinister lyrics seem to be describing experiences of demons wanting to pull him to his grave. He also expresses feelings that have made him feel that overdosing is a glamorous approach to stopping the pain. Fortunately, he still looks in the mirror and sees someone that he loves. Unfortunately, he might need facial reconstruction surgery Los Angeles after wearing this look for so long. These beautiful lyrics have descriptively expressed the hardships and abuse that lots of celebrities have experienced feeling.

It seems as though these talented individuals may appear to have a glamorized life. Behind closed doors, they are fighting for their souls so that they can remain the individual that they love. Some fans might even argue that the Weeknd was getting  Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery.

His lyrics then describe his experiences in the back of a flashing car. Is he describing how his face got like this? Is he insinuating that he woke up in the back of a car spontaneously with lights shining in his face? Did he get in a car accident that requires reconstruction surgery after an accident? These lyrics may be insinuating that The Weeknd simply does not know what is happening to him. He only knows what he feels that someone or something is doing. 

This would explain why he’s not directly addressing his signs of abuse and blaming the person or people that might have done this to him.

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