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Tips for Healing Wounds During MOHs Surgery Recovery

Tips for Healing Wounds During MOHs Surgery Recovery

Our office offers MOHs reconstructive surgery to treat and minimize wounds from basal or squamous skin cancer. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles will progressively remove thin layers of skin containing cancer until all affected tissue is gone. This is a physical way of removing the most common skin cancers, which are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, as well as some forms of melanoma and rarer skin cancers, instead of radiation therapy. 

This procedure changes lives because it removes harmful cancer without damaging the healthy, surrounding tissue, and it also has the highest cure rate out of any other skin cancer treatment. Many choose to undergo this procedure because of its effectiveness, as this procedure is a potent treatment for cancers that have a high chance of coming back once initially treated. 

However, the idea of having a large, open wound can be daunting. 

At Westside Face, we can perform facial reconstruction surgery in Los Angeles for MOHs patients. The wound that follows MOHs surgery is likely to leave a nasty scar, and such a large wound is prone to infection. Our plastic surgeons can perform reconstructive skin surgery to correct the appearance of the wound. 

After your reconstructive surgery, wound management is essential. You will likely be nursing an open wound, a skin graft, or stitches, so your wound care regimen is crucial to your recovery.

Your surgeon will give you a list of instructions regarding cleaning your wound during Mohs surgery recovery. These aftercare instructions will detail how to clean the wound and what materials you should use. Your doctor may even prescribe advanced surgical wound care supplies since healing is so important. Keeping your wound clean and cared for will also reduce scarring.

It’s typically okay for you to bathe or shower the day after the procedure. You should also rest and avoid overexerting yourself for a few days to minimize any excess bleeding or wound dehiscence. In the event your wound starts draining or bleeding, apply firm pressure to the pressurized dressing for about 15 minutes until it stops.

As the MOHs wound heals, scarring is expected. You can lower your risk of permanent scarring if you:  

  • Avoid sun exposure by covering up or wearing SPF. The power of the sun makes all scars worse.
  • Cover the wound with a silicone dressing. This will keep it moist to prevent the formation of thicker scars.
  • Follow your doctor’s aftercare orders. Our doctors put them together to provide the best possible results!
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