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What Causes Nasal Blockage?

What Causes Nasal Blockage?

Treating Nasal Obstruction in Santa Monica
Dealing with the repercussions of nasal obstruction can be difficult to deal with. If you’re frustrated by nasal blockage, there are blocked nasal airway relief options that we offer at our clinic. By contacting our clinic, we will get you the nasal obstruction surgery Santa Monica that you can count on. We’re known for our procedures that give patients lasting results that are effective.

Nasal Blockage Triggers
There are several components that contribute to nasal obstruction. If you’re stressed out due to nasal obstruction, then you may be wondering what triggers it. If you have an unpleasant stuffy nose, then it may be the result of a pesky common cold or it may even be the result of a sinus infection.

Nasal blockage cases that are particularly persistent point to bigger medical concerns. If you’ve been dealing with nasal blockage for at least seven full days, then you may have hay fever, allergies, a deviated septum, or nasal polyps. Nasal polyps refer to tumors that are benign and that are situated within the nasal passages. You should also keep in mind that irritants that are in the air can sometimes bring on blockage. The same thing applies to chemicals. If you’ve been around chemicals for a lengthy span of time, then you may be subject to the possibility of blockage.

It isn’t uncommon for women to develop nasal blockages when they’re expecting babies. If you’re currently pregnant, then your nasal blockage may not be cause for alarm. Pregnancy nasal blockage typically pops up as first trimesters come to a closing. Congestion is sometimes traced back to blood supply boosts. It’s sometimes traced back to considerable hormonal adjustments that routinely take place as well.

How exactly can you tell if you have a nasal blockage? If you do, then your nose may run persistently, mucus accumulation, sinus pain, or even have swelling of the nasal tissue.

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