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What is Teenage Rhinoplasty?

What is Teenage Rhinoplasty?

It’s no secret that facial reconstruction surgery in Los Angeles is popular. With the rise of Instagram, many people are seeking the adjust their appearances in order to meet the impossible standard of beauty which some have dubbed “the Instagram Face.”

While you can feel unattractive at any age, people begin to compare themselves to their peers in their teenage years. The nose is a common point of insecurity, and teenagers can get rhinoplasty as early as age 15.

Plastic surgeons stress that teens should undergo rhinoplasty until the nose has reached its adult size. That is the chief difference between regular nose jobs and teenage nose jobs.

Rhinoplasty in teens, similar to adults, is the most popular cosmetic procedure. Before paying for your teenager’s rhinoplasty procedure, you should have an honest discussion with them. Many find that their teenager blooms after the surgery, as the newfound confidence can help them excel socially as well as with afterschool clubs and sports.

If you decide to let your teen go through with rhinoplasty, you will want their surgery and recovery time to line up opposite to their sports season. The first week after rhinoplasty is the heaviest for recovery, and they will need to avoid exercise. For the next four to six weeks after the surgery, they should also avoid high-contact sports like soccer and football.

Doing rhinoplasty for teenagers requires not only an artistic eye, but the ability to foresee how their adolescent face will grow and develop as they mature. The face often becomes hallow throughout their 20s, so it’s important to visualize a nose job that will look good in the present and future.

With the enforcement of mask wearing for COVID-19, it’s never been easier to hide a healing nose job. If you or your teen want to undergo surgery to alter the shape and size of the nose, contact Dr. Aynehchi, one of California’s only double board-certified plastic surgeons.

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