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What is the Best Age for a Facelift?

What is the Best Age for a Facelift?

Even in a Zoom meeting, everyone wants to look their best. When people see you for the first time, they can form a first impression within thirty-three milliseconds. Confidence is the best way to make a good first impression, and some people find that cosmetic surgery gives them that extra boost that translates into their professional and personal lives.

The Best Age for Los Angeles Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing cosmetic surgery is an individual decision, and a surgeon won’t say that one thing is best for everyone. A facial lift surgery Los Angeles expert will provide a consultation based on your unique lifestyle. How you eat, whether you smoke, and even things like whether your skin is naturally dry are important factors when it comes to which Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery will suit you.

For most people, the Goldilocks zone of facelifts is in their late forties to early fifties, when signs of age are setting in but their skin is still relatively elastic, making it just right to undergo the procedure.

Another good reason to get a facelift in your forties or early fifties: facelifts don’t last forever. They generally last up to ten years. This means that getting a facelift early and refreshing it later creates ideal results.

Of course, being older doesn’t count you out when it comes to beautiful facelift results, especially if you’re active and fit. You’re always the perfect age to take care of yourself and feel gorgeous. 


Even without surgery, you have options. In your thirties, non-surgical options are probably best. A wrinkle relaxer like Botox is a smart idea. Studies show that Botox can increase skin elasticity, which will help if you decide to get Los Angeles cosmetic facial surgery later.

Forties and Early Fifties

Your forties are an ideal time for a facelift or neck lift. If you get a facelift in your forties, it’s possible for the results to last up to fifteen years instead of the standard seven to ten.

A neck lift Los Angeles is also an excellent choice in your forties. At that age, your neck tends to start drooping, which means that a saggy neck surgery Los Angeles could have beautiful results for your looks. For the best results, in which your youthful look would transition naturally between your neck and face, both a face lift Los Angeles and neck lift Los Angeles could be performed.

Best Options Past Mid-Fifties

A facelift is still a great option as you get older, even if you’ve never had one before. In a consultation with a face lift Los Angeles expert, the surgeon will focus on your age-related needs. An ideal procedure will likely involve a combination face and neck lift Los Angeles surgery.

If you’ve had a facelift before, a refresher facelift Los Angeles will be done.

Regardless of age, you have numerous options when seeking facial lift surgery Los Angeles, saggy neck surgery Los Angeles, or any other procedure you need in order to be the best version of yourself.  

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