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What To Do With A Sagging Neck

What To Do With A Sagging Neck

At the time when Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery became popularized, it was received with much fanfare and excitement. Now women have the option to evade old age and the ‘crow’s feet’ and wrinkles that came along with it. However, wrinkles were not the only consequence of aging; what is rarely mentioned but is often experienced by women past their 40’s is what happens to their neck. A sagging neck, usually consisting of a wavering chin and falling jawline often forces one to confront the reality and inevitability of old age for those who are unfortunate enough to experience it.

Plastic surgeons from Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery also admit that aging necks are more challenging to treat due to the muscles which sag as well as the fat in the neck which tends to bulge as well as because the skin along the neck is the thinnest along with the eyelids and thus tends to fold and wrinkle easily. More so, the platysma, which is a thin muscle, splits to form two cords, which creates a V-like protrusion which people notice when they contract leading people to turn to double chin reduction Los Angeles as well as neck liposuction Los Angeles.

However, there are cures, or rather temporary solutions such as neck liposuction Los Angeles, sutures and trampoline lifts which all attempt to restore the tight right angles of youth along the neck and jawline.

Double chins that develop as we gradually gain weight throughout our lifetimes are also another issue. This, too, can be treated by double chin reduction Los Angeles through the use of lasers that melt fat, thus also aiding in the tightening of the skin.

Some plastic surgeons often recommend going to dermatologists rather than going for neck lipo procedure Los Angeles during women’s early 40’s. Dermatologists provide interesting alternative solutions such as the use of Botox injections at an early age so as to prevent the sagging of the muscles as well as the softening of the platysma cords if done at an early enough age.

Another innovative neck lipo procedure Los Angeles technique is grafting, which involves the injection of fat from some other part of the body and your stem cells into the face to increase its volume. The extra stem cells promote collagen growth and provide results lasting longer than just the injection of fat.
Other neck fat removal Los Angeles techniques that are gaining popularity are:

1. Thermage.

2. Ulthera.

-They both operate by delivering infrared laser, radiofrequency and ultrasound to boost the layers found beneath the epidermis where collagen, as well as elastin production, reduces as we age.

Evolastin is a device which, through tiny injections, delivers heat deep into the dermis is another method employed as neck fat removal Los Angeles. 

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