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What’s the Difference Between Rhinoplasty and Septorhinoplasty

What’s the Difference Between Rhinoplasty and Septorhinoplasty

Types of Nose Jobs
There are different types of nose jobs in Santa Monica, so you must determine what variety is best for your needs. A rhinoplasty procedure is primarily designed for changing the appearance of the outer parts of the nose so that it is smaller, larger or a different shape. In some cases, the changes made during a rhinoplasty are subtle, helping to improve your facial profile.

Septum Repair
However, there are procedures for the nose that are designed for repairing the septum that is located between the nostrils. You may need the best rhinoplasty Santa Monica surgeon to fix a deviated septum that is making it difficult to breathe. With a repair of the septum, you can have fewer problems from sinus congestion or snoring.

Single or Combination Procedures
Septorhinoplasty is performed alone to change the shape of the nose’s bones and cartilage, but it is also possible to combine the procedure with cosmetic rhinoplasty. When you schedule an appointment with a facial plastic surgery Santa Monica expert, you can have an examination with medical images before your consultation.

Projecting Your Appearance
A surgeon can use your photographs to project how your nose can look with either a rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty. You can also see how you face would look with a combination procedure that changes your septum and the outer area of your nose. With these types of nose jobs in Santa Monica, the incisions are made inside the nose so that there is no scarring on the outer area of the nose.

Understanding Your Recovery
When you have surgery on your nose, you should understand the recovery time necessary after the procedure. You are anesthetized for facial plastic surgery Santa Monica procedures, but when you wake up, your face and nose is bandaged. There is deep bruising and swelling of the facial tissues for any type of plastic surgery on the nose. It will likely take several weeks for your face to heal completely, and during this time, you must follow a surgeon’s recommendations.

Schedule an Appointment
At Westside Face in Santa Monica, Calif., our surgeon can arrange a consultation with you to learn if you need repairs to the inner parts of the nose or if you would look better with changes to the outer parts of the nose. Contact our office today at 310-620-1368 to schedule a rhinoplasty surgery Santa Monica appointment.

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