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Which Facelift Procedure Is Right for You?

Which Facelift Procedure Is Right for You?

Not all facelifts are the same, and the facelift one patient chooses depends on what is troubling them about a certain area of their face or even their neck. Before any type of surgery, the patient and the plastic surgeon have a consultation to discuss the patient’s needs and what type of surgery can be done to fulfill them. Here are some types of facial lift surgery Los Angeles:

Traditional Facelift
A traditional facelift Los Angeles is for people who are bothered by moderate to severe aging seen on their face. When a patient opts for this surgery, the doctor makes incisions into the hairline and around the ears and may even make an incision below the chin. They carefully separate the skin from the muscles beneath it and tighten the muscles, trim the excess skin, and redrape it. They may also perform a neck lift Los Angeles to remove unwanted fat from the jowls and the neck.

Mini Facelift
In the mini facelift, the cosmetic surgeon utilizes smaller incisions in the hairline where they can’t be seen and trims away unwanted tissue while tightening the skin. The mini facelift is also called the weekend facelift because the patient can have the surgery on Friday, rest over the weekend and resume their normal tasks on Monday.

This is a surgery meant to correct signs of aging and flabbiness in the jowls and the neck. It can also be called saggy neck surgery Los Angeles. It’s called the S-lift because the doctor makes an S-shaped incision in order to tighten the muscles, skin and other tissue in the neck.

Mid Facelift
This facelift helps the middle of the patient’s face or their cheeks. As with the mini facelift, incisions are made in the hairline just above their ears where they can’t be easily seen. In some operations, the surgeon even makes incisions in the mouth to access the fat pads in the cheeks and rearrange them over the cheekbones.

Cutaneous Lift
The cutaneous facelift corrects signs of aging in the lower part of the face and the neck by trimming and tightening the skin. A cutaneous lift doesn’t last as long as facelifts that also treat underlying muscle, as the skin still loses its elasticity over time.

The MACS, or Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift can be thought of as a hybrid of the S-lift and the traditional facelift Los Angeles. The recovery time for this type of facial lift surgery Los Angeles is longer than the recovery time for an S-lift but shorter than the recovery time for the traditional facelift.

Neck Lift
There are two kinds of neck lift Los Angeles surgery. One is the cervicoplasty, and the other is the platysmaplasty. Cervicoplasty is another type of saggy neck surgery Los Angeles because it takes away saggy skin from the neck. The platysmaplasty is a deeper type of surgery and tightens the muscles in the neck as well as removes sagging skin.

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