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Why Do I Have a Double Chin if I’m Skinny?

Why Do I Have a Double Chin if I’m Skinny?

A double chin is the gathering of fat on the lower jawline, and it’s often a reason people visit our Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery clinic. This trait is normally associated with obesity, but some patients come in wondering why they have a double chin if they are not overweight.

A sleek jawline can make someone appear and feel more attractive, and this can be achieved in a number of ways through surgery.

If you are skinny but have a double chin, the reason can lie in your jawline. Someone with a small lower mandible may have loose skin in that area, and this can appear as a double chin. Those with small chins often choose to undergo genioplasty so that they can have additional mass in that area, giving them a sharper and stronger chin. Getting a chin implant should be able to solve this problem.

If you have an overbite, it may appear as if you have a double chin or receding chin. An overbite can also be solved through visiting an orthodontist, who will fit you with braces and rubber bands to pull your lower mandible forward.

It’s also possible that your body is retaining water, and this attributes to excess puffiness in your face. Water retention is due to your diet, and eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water can help you slim down.

Face puffiness is caused by a few factors, especially;

  • Excess Sugar
  • Excess Salt
  • Preservatives

A lower jawline with excess fat can often be fixed through neck lipo procedure in Los Angeles. This is a minor procedure and is done through one or two small incisions that are placed in a covert location. The plastic surgeon will then insert a tube to suck out excess fat. A skilled surgeon from Westside Face can sculpt at the same time, creating a natural-looking contour.

Visit our plastic surgery office to learn why you have a double chin and how it can be fixed. Our surgeons will give you a variety of options so that you can pick the one you are most comfortable with.

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