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Will Eyelid Surgery Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger?

Will Eyelid Surgery Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger?

As we grow older, our skin develops changes: changes which are not improvements. The elastin that allows your skin to tighten up after you lose weight as a young person slowly disappears. The other protein that maintains the structure of the skin is collagen and that, too, decreases as we age. Your skin begins to sag. Sometimes fat deposits that make your neck firmer and your eyes look young also diminish.

In those areas where the skin is loose, especially in the neck and around the eyes, the skin droops. Loss of fat around the eyeball causes a sunken appearance to the eyes. Sometimes the upper eyelids sag so severely that people have trouble seeing. Most people do not have such a severe problem, but the droopiness of the eyelids makes the eyes look smaller and older.

If you live in or near Los Angeles, you may have heard of Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery at Westside Face.

Your eyes are the central focus of your face. If your eyes look tired and old, the rest of your face does as well. You may want to take years off your appearance with droopy eyelid surgery Los Angeles for the lower eyelids.

The technical term for the surgery is blepharoplasty. The surgeon will make an incision just below the lash line in the lower eyelid or even inside the lid so that the scar is hidden. Then fat will be added or removed. If skin needs to be excised, the scar will be in the lash line.

Hooded eyelid surgery Los Angeles is available at the Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery. This surgery is for upper eyelids that sag markedly. The surgeon makes an incision in the natural crease of the eyelid, then removes a section of skin, and sutures the wound closed. The result is that the patient can see better and looks better. If the eyelids are interfering with vision, insurance will usually pay for hooded eyelid surgery Los Angeles.

If the droopy eyelid surgery Los Angeles is done for cosmetic reasons, most insurance companies will not pay.

Many Asian women are interested in double eyelid surgery Los Angeles. This surgery creates a natural looking crease in Oriental eyes that may not have such a crease. In fact, in Korea, one in five women has had this procedure. Double eyelid surgery Los Angeles is also available at Westside Face.

Eyelid surgery outcomes
Tightening up the skin around your eyes does not make them bigger, but saggy eyelid procedure Los Angeles will make them look bigger. Whether your problem areas are the upper or lower eyelids or both, a saggy eyelid procedure Los Angeles will make you look years younger and brighten your face. Blepharoplasty is one of the most successful plastic surgeries. Nearly 95% of patients are happy with their results. At Westside Face, you will be, too. Call today.

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