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Chin Implants vs. Fillers: What’s Your Best Option to Improve Facial Contours?2021-06-15T10:50:00+00:00

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Chin Implants vs. Fillers: What’s Your Best Option to Improve Facial Contours?It is natural to subconsciously notice the facial structure of another person. Checking for symmetry and the tone of one’s face can provide a picture of health. To improve facial contours, many individuals choose medical treatments such as chin implants or fillers. While they may seem similar, there are a few important differences.

Best Facial Contours Procedures

There are several Los Angeles cosmetic surgery options currently available. Knowing which type of treatment works best for you is the first step.

Contour procedures can help the skin look more youthful while simultaneously adding definition. Since chin implants and fillers are not designed for the entire face, they tend to highlight with a more subtle difference that looks natural. Makeup can become ruined in the rain and may look different depending on the type of light you’re in. Los Angeles facial cosmetic surgery is not dependent on the outside environment and keeps the face looking youthful and shaped.

Los Angeles Chin Surgery

Los Angeles chin augmentation is a common treatment that many people use to shape their face. Since chins can greatly vary in size, the rest of the face may look smaller or larger depending on the distance and symmetry of the facial structure.

A well-defined chin is one that has just enough of an angle to define the jaw and neck area. Soft chins can create a lighter contrast between the chin and the jaw line that may cause a “blending” appearance. Facial definition gives a sharper look that can balance and complement other facial features.

Chin implant surgery is a long-lasting procedure that does not require multiple procedures. Many people choose chin implant surgery because it can make dramatic improvements that feel and look very similar to the organic chin bone. One of the reasons chin implants look so natural is because they are able to be sized and shaped for optimal customization. 

How Does It Work?

A chin implant surgery is typically a very short procedure. Most implant surgeries take less than 60 minutes to complete. Since anesthesia is used during the surgery, an individual may need to wait three to five hours before leaving, but the recovery time itself is short. Most patients take approximately seven days after surgery to recover.

The first part of a chin augmentation procedure begins with surgical markings. A medical professional will follow the individualized surgical plan by marking the chin to make sure placement is correctly followed. By highlighting the structures underneath the skin, a surgeon can leave certain areas untouched.

After the surgical markings, anesthesia can be used. Intravenous sedation is sometimes used depending on the individual and their preference. Once the anesthesia is administered, a surgeon will fashion the chin implants before closing the incision.

Chin and jaw augmentation in Los Angeles is a common procedure that can be performed quickly and with care. Many people use Los Angeles chin cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance for years to come.

Chin Fillers

Chin fillers are a non-surgical procedure that can help augment the chin. Like chin implants, the improvements are immediate. Chin fillers are not, however, long lasting. The effects will wear off after time and fillers will need to be periodically reapplied.

Since no surgery is needed for this type of augmentation, down time is unnecessary. A topical anesthetic may be given at the time of the treatment, but anesthesia is not required. This is a safe option and costs less at the time of the treatment. Overall maintenance cost is generally higher than LA mentoplasty.

How Does It Work

Chin fillers are administered after a facial assessment. The assessment will consist of an evaluation where your skin tone and appearance is examined. A medical professional will ask about your medical history as well as any allergies or pre-existing conditions.

Before the dermal filler is administered, a medical professional will use an antibacterial agent to cleanse the skin. Then the topical anesthesia can be used to numb the area before injection.

There may be slight swelling or bruising after the injection, but this will typically dissipate after two to three days. The area around the injection site may be sore for a few hours as well, but this does not happen for everyone.

It will take approximately two weeks after the injection to see the full results. Depending on the type of filler used, the results can last anywhere from one to four years. This also depends on several factors such as metabolism and the filler placement.

Chin Fillers vs. Chin Implants

There are multiple different ways to augment facial appearance. For those who are interested in chin augmentation, fillers and implants are a popular solution for facial contouring.

Chin fillers are ideal for those who are on the fence about medical contouring. Since fillers provide definition and reshaping on a daily basis, but are not permanent, they are an easy way to test out a new look.
The benefits of chin fillers include:

  • No recovery period necessary
  • No surgery required
  • Less expensive

Chin implants can greatly improve chin appearance in a short period of time. Although there is some downtime that is usually required after the surgery, chin implants look and feel natural. Implants allow for several options when choosing size and shape for chin implants. For those who want substantial changes, implants are usually preferred.

The benefits of chin implants include:

  • Permanent results
  • Only one procedure is necessary
  • Drastic improvements can be made

Los Angeles Chin Implant

Chin implants and Chin liposuction in Los Angeles. also known as Mentoplasty in LA or Genioplasty in LA, is highly sought-after. Because both fillers and implants can shape facial structure on a daily basis, these options can boost appearance and esteem. There are a variety of options when it comes to both fillers and implants. Finding the right professional is crucial when understanding exactly what is available and what works best on a personal level. For the best chin augmentation results, talking to a specialist can help you decide what’s right for your facial structure.

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