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Contour Your Face With a Chin Augmentation

Am I a Candidate for a Chin Augmentation?The chin plays a large role in the shape of the face, and if you have a receding chin, you may be insecure about your weak jawline. Many California residents have decided to see a facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles about undergoing Los Angeles chin alteration to correct this issue. 

Chin augmentation can improve proportions of the face by altering the lower jawline and chin area, giving you a self-confidence boost. This type of procedure should be performed by a  board-certified plastic surgeon like Westside Face to ensure that you get the best results. A skilled and experienced cosmetologist in Los Angeles will take your chin, jaw, cheek, and forehead composition into account to improve the harmony of facial features.

An LA chin augmentation can mean many things, as this procedure can minimize a dramatic chin as well as make a weak chin more pronounced. A consultation with your facial plastic surgeon will give both of you an idea of your cosmetic end goal. During this consultation, your doctor can further explain chin augmentation, and based on your face shape and medical history, they can tell you if mentoplasty in LA or genioplasty in Los Angeles  is right for you.

Why Should I Get a Chin Augmentation?

If you feel you have a weak chin that minimizes the definition of your face, then you may want to undergo a chin augmentation. By just altering the chin area, aesthetic chin surgery can improve the balance of your features to create a profile with a better bone structure overall.  

The benefits of genioplasty include:

  • Corrected a weak or recessed chin
  • Improved facial harmony by proportioning the chin to by complement other facial features
  • Improved definition of the neck and jawline 
  • Reduced appearance of a “double” chin 

A recent study of facial structure by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that it’s natural for the facial bones to shift, reduce, or enlarge with age, so it’s normal for your lower face shape to seem different than it was decades ago. That’s why most chin augmentation patients are adults.

Genioplasty and mentoplasty are cosmetic procedures, meaning that they are done solely for appearance reasons. If you have normal function of your jaw, then you should be a good candidate for this type of procedure. 

How is a Chin Augmentation Performed?

Chin augmentation is a very diverse and customizable procedure. Based on your face shape and plastic surgery needs, your doctor can insert different sized implants to different parts of your chin and jawline to fill your lower face out, and they can even move your lower jaw bone forward in an operation called a mentoplasty or genioplasty. Your doctor will take your chewing and bite into account to ensure that you can eat and talk with no problems after the procedure. 

In many chin augmentation cases, a chin implant is crafted from a biocompatible material, like silicone, to perfectly adhere to your jawline. Chin implants are personalized for each patient, varying in size and shape. Westside Face will assist you in creating an implant that fits your plastic surgery goals while also providing the most natural-looking result.

While the idea of an implant may seem scary, this is a minimally invasive procedure that is over in about an hour. Your surgeon will make a small incision on the underside of your chin or inside your mouth, which is where they insert your chin implant. 

You can combine this procedure with others, like neck liposuction or rhinoplasty, which will add to your surgery and recovery time.

Genioplasty vs Mentoplasty

While researching Los Angeles chin augmentation procedures, you have probably come across the terms genioplasty and mentoplasty. These are two chin augmentation procedures that are chosen based on if the chin is oversized or undersized. 

If you have a very pronounced chin, you may want it to be smaller. In that case, you would undergo long chin surgery Los Angeles, otherwise known as a chin reduction. During this procedure, the doctor will use an electrical instrument to shave down and reshape the chin bone to alter it to your desired size. 

Chin augmentation is performed to alter the chin’s size and shape. This procedure is more versatile than mentoplasty, as it can: 

  • Move the chin forward 
  • Push the chin backward 
  • Be performed side-to-side, which can help with asymmetrical chins 
  • Elongate or shorten the chin 

Genioplasty can be done two ways, sliding genioplasty and chin implants. It all depends on your face shape and plastic surgery needs. That’s why it’s important to consult a plastic surgeon like Westside Face where you can have an honest discussion about your goals and how to attain them. 

Setting up a consultation with Westside Face is the first step towards a greater self-confidence. Not only can our doctors give you the best recommendation for an improved appearance, but they can also ensure that you get a natural-looking result from your surgery. 

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