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Everything You Should Know About Enhancing Your Face Shape With Jaw Fillers

All About Jaw FillersMany Americans suffer from a weak or receding chin, and they are searching for ways to define their jawline and enhance the overall contour of their face. A sleek, pointed chin or strong, sharp jawline can completely change one’s look, and therefore, their confidence. 

A Los Angeles chin augmentation is not limited to patients with receding chins; anyone who is unhappy with the lower contour of their face can seek out the expertise of a cosmetic specialist in Los Angeles. Some may have noticed that their bone structure has diminished as they have aged, and others may simply want a more angular or sharp profile. Anyone experiencing the above feelings can find their aesthetic solution in jaw and chin fillers. 

Jaw fillers are great to reshape the face, and the injection of body-safe gel can also boost your body’s collagen production, filling out any dips or wrinkles to give your skin a healthier and more youthful complexion. Even double chins, which many think are due to being overweight, can be improved with injections to fill out and shape the chin.

During your initial consultation, your doctor will analyze your bone structure and jawline, and they will then identify the spots they think injections will fill out to perfect your appearance. Your initial consultation is very important, as you and your doctor can talk through your aesthetic goals and create a realistic treatment plan to reach them. 

What Are Jaw Fillers?

Since many people imagine chin augmentations as the shaving of bone or the insertion of a chin piece, non-surgical jaw fillers in LA may come as a surprise as a viable option for changing one’s face shape. Many find this method appealing since it’s less invasive and more precise than other ways of chin augmentation. First-time cosmetic surgery patients often lean towards jaw injections because of their non-invasiveness and the fact that they don’t last forever.

Jaw fillers are made from bio-safe gels that a doctor injects into the skin. These fillers give the injection site volume and stimulate hyaluronic acid or collagen production. Collagen is the material that makes your skin plump, and it diminishes with age. The extra collagen boost from your jaw injections can improve sagging skin or signs of bone loss. 

Jaw fillers are popular because they:

  • Create a more desirable face shape
  • Strengthen or reshape the chin
  • Reduce jowls 
  • Create symmetry in the jawline
  • Reduce signs of aging in the lower face

There are several different materials that doctors use for nonsurgical jawline contouring in Los Angeles. Juvederm Volux is the most popular and commonly used filler for face augmentation. Other common materials for jaw fillers are Restylane Lyft and Radiesse. During your consultation, it’s vital to let your doctor know about any allergies or sensitivities so that certain materials can be avoided, if necessary. Your doctor will make sure to pick a filler that will stay where it’s placed. 

How Much Do Jaw Fillers Cost?

The cost of jaw and chin fillers depends on the material, the amount of material needed, and the plastic surgeon’s location. 

The three most popular filler materials, Juvederm Volux, Restylane Lyft, and Radiesse, are similar in cost. The average cost falls between $600 and $1,000 per syringe, but this number can go up depending on how many syringes are needed per session. 

As mentioned above, fillers do not last forever. It should be noted that you may need to revisit your doctor’s office for touch-ups as your body gradually metabolizes and breaks down the filler. When planning out your cosmetic enhancement budget, keep the impermanence of fillers in mind. Most patients replenish their jaw fillers every 6 months or so, and a touch-up will cost much less than your initial injection because less filler is used.

While Westside Face is one of the few plastic surgery clinics in LA that accepts insurance plans, jaw filler for cosmetic reasons is not covered by insurance. In the event that you need filler for the health of your body, then you may find a way your insurance can cover the cost. 

Do Jaw Fillers Hurt?

Any kind of fillers are injected with a needle, so those who are squeamish around needles may struggle to relax. The feeling of the needle injecting the filler into your skin is often described as “uncomfortable,” but luckily the procedure is over fairly quickly. The entire process typically is over in 30 minutes, but it depends on how many injections and how much you are having. 

Your facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles will administer a topical anesthetic in the form of numbing cream prior to the procedure to minimize any discomfort or pain. In some cases, a local anesthetic like lidocaine may be injected along with the filler. You can also ask your doctor about being prescribed a one-use medication to help you relax before the procedure.

Alternatives to Jaw Fillers

Even though they’ve quickly become a plastic surgery favorite, jaw fillers are not for everyone, and they will not solve every jawline problem. If your plastic surgeon does not think jaw fillers will give you the contour of your dreams, there are plenty of alternatives for chin augmentation. If the short life-span of fillers is what turns you away, your doctor can suggest plenty of longer-term solutions.

If you are seeking a chin augmentation that will minimize your chin’s prominence in your face, then a mentoplasty procedure might be right for you. A Westside Face surgeon can remove excess bone from your chin, and they can also move your jaw bone to alter your face shape. 

If you want a more prominent chin, then one of our doctors can insert a special implant that will fill out your lower face. This implant will naturally adhere to your jawbone, and it will last forever. 

If your weak jawline is the result of a double chin, then chin liposuction can remove the excess fat that bloats your face shape. For chin lipo, the surgeon will insert a needle that suctions fat from your face, and they can shape your jawline as they slim it down.

Botox can also be injected for a better sculpted jawline in Los Angeles. Botox can slim your facial contour by tightening and lifting the skin in the lower jaw area. Just like it’s typically used for, the tightening effects of Botox pull back saggy skin, removing jowls and double chins. 

About Westside Face

The plastic surgery specialists of Westside Face emphasize preserving the bone structure and skin vitality that’s unique to each individual patient while making small, but impactful, improvements. This technique allows us to rejuvenate patient’s faces by enacting small and deliberate changes that make a huge difference. Each patient that undergoes cosmetic enhancement at Westside Face can expect:

  • Natural-looking changes 
  • Long-lasting results
  • Shortest possible recovery time

Plastic surgery patients often want to return to their everyday life ASAP after a procedure, and our approach allows a speedy recovery. Minimal downtime plays a huge role in client satisfaction.

Whether it’s vision obstruction or breathing issues, we also aim to improve functionality with our cosmetic surgeries. Our award-winning closed scarless rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facelifts, and necklifts will not only make you look better, but you’ll also feel better. Even more, we accept and are in-network with Medicare, and most PPO/HMO insurances. Schedule a consultation with an aesthetic specialist at Westside Face today by calling 310-846-8519 or emailing appointments@westsideface.com.

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